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What is the reason for this noise effect that I keep getting whenever I render a material downloaded from Substance Source in Vray? The material is Ship Hull Paint Chipped.

I have been changing the parameters all week and somehow I managed to pull it off, but now I started texturing a new ship and the noise effect is showing up again. I am using the same hq HDRI in both Substance Painter and 3dsMax.

I am aware I might be doing something wrong from my end, but any advice that sheds a light on how Normal/Height values work would help a lot.

Even if I don't use this material and just add the welding detail with a brush, the noise still appears in the Vray render. I use Vray GPU/Vray Next in 3dsMax 2019.

I attached screenshots with the export options from SP and how the Height info is added in Vray. The Normal slot always creates issues, so I disable it.

Thank you,

Hi everyone. Here's a part of our latest animation showing an ROV being launched during a stormy weather/ocean. The Vessel was textured with Substance Painter, ocean simulation in with Phoenix FD, rendered with V-Ray Next for 3ds Max. Post-production in After Effects.

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