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Hi, I have a material coming from substance designer which I'm using in Painter: it shows correctly if used in a Fill Layer; it shows much darker if used in a Paint Layer.
I can't see what's wrong since other materials shipped with Painter work as expected.
Here attached two screenshots to show the different behavior. I don't know if anybody else got this same issue.
Thanks for any help.

Sorry if it's a newbie question, but in the Substance Source there are several substances marked as "SBSAR & SBS"; however, only the .SBSAR gets downloaded. Why is that? Thanks

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Are Substance Live editable?
 on: November 22, 2015, 06:39:04 pm 
Hi, I'm considering buying SBD and subscribing to SBS Live as well. Are substances downloaded editable or is just a node block that expose only few parameters and you can't actually see the underlying node network?

Hi folks, I just had little time to try my SBD trial before it ran out but if I'm not mistaken, the substance used in C4D are just baked on the fly and not really procedural. Is there anything that the new version of the plugin will address in that direction?
I'm really looking forward to buying both SBD and SBP and I can't wait to use fully procedural substances in Cinema!

Hello, I'm very new to Substance Designer and I'd like to ask some help about mixing, for example, two noise generator nodes so that the first appear where the object (an imported terrain .obj) normal is <45°, and the second where it's >=45°, possibly with a fuzzy area to allow a smooth transition between the two noise materials.
Is this possible to achieve some way?
Thanks for any help

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