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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - <3 Clean Project <3
 on: September 20, 2014, 10:16:01 pm 
just noticed the nice new addition in the latest update:
Menu File>Clean Project...
Great way to clean out extra resources that are no longer needed in the project file!

Curious now; is there a way to merge layers as well?
I'd love to merge down or collapse folders into a single layer.
Also, the ability to commit (apply and delete) the levels effect layer may come in handy for some cases, too.

I have a question about image bit depth for normal maps exported from Substance Painter to Marmoset Toolbag2.

When working in SubPainter, I have loaded my normal map (originally generated from Zbrush) along with my mesh.
Painting along just fine and added some details in the height channel, knowing that the height details will be blended with my base normal map on export.

So far, so good, and I exported the normal map at the default L32F bit depth.  (knowing this will be exported as linear colorspace). The maps blend perfectly, and all looks good. (as expected, a bit washed out due to the linear color space viewed on my RGB monitor)

Now, once in Toolbag2, I thought I should make sure that sRGB is Unchecked, since this is now a linear image.  Unfortunately, the results were not as I expected them to be, and the effect only matched the effect seen in SubPainter when the sRGB flag was checked.
Hmmmm.... :o
So, when I went back to SubPainter and changed the flag to sRGB16, I noticed that my height information did not show up in the exported map. In other words, only the original normal map exported without the height details.

So, I guess I have two questions:

Should I set the sRGB flag in Toolbag for all 32bit float Normal images exported from SubPainter?
(I wonder if I'm thinking about this in the reversed way, and Marmoset is converting the image to sRGB when checked)

Is it typical to lose the visual details of the height information when painting in less than L32F set for the Height material bit depth?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any information you can give on this topic.


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