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This is the GPU snapshot when rendering:

From this picture we see that the GPU's computational power being used is not 100%, while CPU is. So my first question is:

Is Iray renderer running on CPU or GPU?

If it is running on CPU, then I have two more questions:

1, Is the render of Substance Painter external, i.e., users can select their own renderer such as some GPU renderer? If so, can you recommend a GPU renderer?

2, The temperature of the GPU is 82 degree centigrade, the maximum upper bound set by the card. From the picture above we see only GPU memory is fully used. So it should be the GPU memory that is hot, instead of the GPU itself which is responsible for computation only. So why is the temperature that high, if Iray renderer is running on CPU?


In tutorial GETTING STARTED WITH SUBSTANCE PAINTER 2018, 05 - Finishing the rust material, at time 10:10, a Grunge Scratches Rough fill is added all of a sudden in the Rust layer. I guess it should appear in Mask Editor (on top of the stack) as the second texture. Am I right?

Is there any indicator -- like "*" used in many other software including Designer -- to show that the workspace (*.spp file) has not yet saved? It helps remind me to save in case of crash.

The problem happens when I am following the online tutorial "GETTING STARTED WITH SUBSTANCE PAINTER 2018 - 01" ( After I open a new scene with the lantern mesh loaded, I try to use Alt-MMB to pan the scene in Painter like I do in Maya, the scene sometimes quickly shrinks to a point.

The version of Painter I use is 2018.2.3 Build 2496.

Attached is a captured video to show the problem. I cannot find "Export log file" menuitem as in Designer. Please let me know if you need more info.

Substance Designer does not remember window position. Every time I open it, I have to adjust the window's position and size. But after I close Designer and restart it, I have to do the same thing again because Designer does not remember it. What is more frustrating, sometimes the window title goes out of screen under default position, so I have to manually use keyboard to move the window. This is very inconvenient, please fix it. Thanks.

How to inverse the behavior of mouse scroll so that
scroll up -- zoom in (magnify the scene)
scroll down -- zoom out (minify the scene)?

In online tutorial "Substance Designer Getting Started: 01 - Creating a base material part Two", the instance parameters of Ambient Occlusion loos like this:

,while the the instance parameters of Ambient Occlusion (HBAO) in the Designer I am using -- version 2018.2.1 build 1495 -- looks like this:

So, did I choose a wrong node? If not, the "Spreading" parameter in old version is "Height Depth" in the new version, right?

Often I have to explicitly click "View outputs in 3D View" in the pop-up menu in GRAPH editor after making changes to baseColor node, because the object in 3D view doesn't update, leaving me wondering what is wrong with my work. So, how to make "View outputs in 3D View" always enabled so that I can automatically "View outputs in 3D View" all the time? Thanks.

It seems that the property panel to the right of Designer is not very responsive. When I click different items in the EXPLORER pane, I expect that the properties of the selected item should update immediately in the PROPERTIES panel, but they do not show until after 3-4 seconds, making a noticeable delay. Is it designed to have a delay, or a bug in the Designer? I am using Substance Designer 2018.2.1 build 1495 (2018 Summer Release) and I think my hardware is good enough. Thanks.

The nodes in GRAPH editor disappear all of a sudden when I pan it using middle mouse key. I would have to press "F" key to restore the view. The graph is created following the tutorial "Getting started with Substance Designer: 01 - Create a base material part one". What is matter? How do I pan the GRAPH editor then? I am using Substance Designer 2018.2.1. Thanks.

PS: the same problem can be seen in "3D VIEW" pane.

I am following the official tutorial here -- -- to study Designer, but I found that there is an environment image in the 3D view of the tutorial but I don't have that in my Designer:

As I said I am new and self-studying this software, could you please tell me what I missed? Thank you.

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