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I'm trying to do a render of a model I have been texturing and I want to enable shadows however this option is greyed out in the environment settings. what do I need to do in order to enable them

I am having issues with using normal maps in substance designer, regardless of what settings i use i always get horrible artifacts such this.

I recently modeled a weapon in blender and am on to texturing, whenever i go to bake the normal map my weapon ends up with very visible seams, i read that using uv padding will fix the issue but i still have know idea how i actually do that. can anybody show me how?

I have been texturing a dagger that i recently finished modelling. im done with the base textures now i want to add some Runes and inscriptions to the base of the blade, are there any tools that allow me to do that without having to do it through photoshop?

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