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Is it possible to mirror paint with a stencil? In very simple cases I am able to get this to work if it is a straight line or something of that sort, but if I have a complex pattern with a stencil I have not figured out how to paint one side with symmetry turned on and have the stencil draw accurately, so I am wondering if this is something that I am not doing correctly, or if this is just a matter of SP is not currently able to paint in this manner yet.

So if there is a way to flip a layer, I could paint it on one side, dupe it, mirror it and then I would be good to go, but it doesn't seem as if I can do that either. The other thing is I could take the layer into Photoshop and do the operation....but I don't think I can currently export out a single layer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I would love to avoid Photoshop altogether if at all possible! Thanks!  :)

Is it possible to paint out a (additional maps) normal map completely?

If there are any errors in the baking process, I would like to paint them out, is this currently possible or does this need to be a feature request?  Thanks!

I would really like this added to the color picker. If it is in there I have not found it yet. Would like to store multiple colors.

Imported normals are being overwritten, this is causing problems when baking my normal maps.

I have tried using the "Always recompute Tangent Frames", I have tried not using the "Always recompute Tangent Frames". I have tried to unload the unity tangent plug in, re-importing my mesh every time, I have deleted my mesh and re-imported, but no matter what options I try the normals come in the same way and they are averaging the normals.

It feels to me that although the "Always recompute Tangent Frames" is turned off it feels like it is behaving as if it is on.

I have also tried using the "Always recompute Tangent Frames" and changing the normals smooth angle from 60 to 10 and 0. All options produce the same results. Is this broken?

The other thing that I noticed in regards to Substance Designer Normals is that they are not the same in Substance Designer.

I found this thread that was replied by Wes about this:

"Substance Painter and Designer *do not* use the same tangent basis when
recomputing them. Designer uses Unity's tangent and Painter uses its own. This is not ideal at this time, but it will be addressed.

Here is what we are looking to do.

1. add an option in Painter (like there is in Designer) to not recompute
the tangents and use the tangents in the model file (if any).

2. add a plugin system in Designer in Painter so that people can choose
the tangent basis they want to use." - Wes

Is there any ETA on when this will be fixed? I really don't want to resort going back to XNormal for baking my maps. Right now the biggest value I have for Substance Designer is baking maps, and my main application for model creation is ZBrush so I really need these programs to play nice with each other.

Thanks, NickZ. :)

So the first part, I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong but in Substance Designer and UE4 AO is part of the shader that it is own contribution. But in Substance Painter when I input all my maps for a piece/texture set ao doesn't seem to have any effect. (If it is there I can't tell.)

Now If I make a new layer in SP and fill it with my ao map and then set that layer to multiply then it has a large effect of the over all shading/material....but this is placing the ao in the base color. (This isn't good for a PBR set up that needs to be pushed to another renderer)

So if I am doing something wrong, please let me know how I am suppose to set this up.

The second part is the addition of screen space ambient occlusion. Since  I have this in UE4 I would like to have this in SP. I know we get AO maps for our objects, but this doesn't allow for dynamic switching on and off on pieces on the model. SSAO is dynamic and not baked in, so really we need both methods to produce the final quality look.


Double Click Uniform Color Icon To Open Color Picker (Color picker shows up right under you mouse cursor)

Right now you have select the node then go over to the parameters area and click on the color swatch to open.

Just like Photoshop does. Also if I hold shift snd click a point and the. Hold shift and click another point on screen and Photoshop will make a strait line between the two points.

Flip Images/Masks In Painter

Currently I need to go into Photoshop to do these very simple tasks. Also if I paint something on a layer and I like it, I need to be able to dupe that entire layer and flip it along an axis. I would also like to merge the results down to one layer. Thanks!

Turn On And Off Perspective For Orthographic Cameras

Some times you need this when painting, please add this ability. I really like how ZBrush allows you to hold shift while you rotate your camera so you can snap to a front, side, top....view. This set up allows you to have one camera and fulfill all of your camera needs with that one camera. Thanks!

Substance ID Selector (Using A Custom Color) Hard To Pick Colors

So it is really cool that there are so many pre made color slots for the Substance ID Selector Substance Effect...but you do have the ability to select your own custom color and use the eye dropper to select colors from anywhere on the screen, but the image previews for the maps in substance are so small that you really can't select like you do in Designer. If you allow us to load an image into the 2D viewer then we could use  that space to select colors from just like we do in designer. Thanks!

In Photoshop, when painting the masks, it auto limits your colors to grayscale, If I have a foreground and background color of only black and white I can tap X to flip flop these values. When painting a mask it lets me quickly either paint into the mask or subtract with the mask. With current set up I need to go over to the slider and set values and this slows down the painting process.

I could see this same type of set up working when painting height values as well. This would allow you to rise or lower the surface quickly as well.

Would Like To Turn Off Symmetry Pane Visibility, it gets in the way when painting... can I turn this thing off and still paint in symmetry? Thanks!

Stencils Don't Seem To Work With Symmetry Turned this true? If so it would be really nice for this to work! :)

Select Layer Transparency, we need this ability. In Photoshop it is rather easy to select layer transparency (Ctrl + Click Layer icon) or select transparency from a layer mask. It seems like we really need something like the channels tool in Photoshop.

Please forgive me if it is already in there and I can't find it!

Question about the emissive shader that windows users are using.

Find the shader second post down on this thread,2789.0.html

I can now get  emissive to work !

I am wondering if it is possible to get a nice glow effect in the viewport without blowing out all the other values for glare and light shafts.

When this is fully implemented will emissive get its own influence into the final look of what is being displayed in the viewport? Right now it feels like the emissive value on the shader could be pushed as high of a number as you wish and it still wouldn’t have an overall effect in the viewport. (As far as a glow effect)

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