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So I know how to hook up a displacement map in Arnold. But the midpoint is based on a gray value, so even areas that should have no displacement 'puff up' the model.  The answer is likely in the Alpha Scale and Alpha Offset, or the spread between them. But I'm not sure the correct, or consistently correct settings to use.  In Zbrush, you can generate a displacement map with the midpoint set to rgb 0,0,0, so it doesn't bump where there's no detail. How might I achieve the same results with a Height Map generated in SP..


Hi, I want to paint normal data in SP. I have a mesh, not a low poly and a High poly, just a regular model out of Maya.
Is there a way to generate a normal map for a single mesh in either SP or SD? I imagine any height data painted will bake out to a normal map even if I don't start with a normal map.  Is this correct?


Would be ever so grateful if there was some documentation or simply guidance here on map usage for these new output presets.  Could be a super simple set up, a sphere with native PBR maps in SP, and once outputted for Arnold or Vray, which shader map setup would give the closest results to the painted object in SP.

Would be genuinely grateful for your time.


Wes, have you seen this?

He'll be doing beta testing starting next week (supposedly).  Also doing a vid course of working with SP.  Thought it offered some hope for those of us interested in the film/broadcast side of things. (although that topic is frowned upon round here... ;))

Painter + PBR workflow = heaven.  It really does. It's a terrific toolset, great interface, sexy materials, truly the cat's meow.   That said...  Putting aside all the stand on one leg, and flap your arm solutions, the endless suggestions to experiment, tweak and hobble a workflow together to get something that looks like a reasonable facsimile of what you see in SP over to Maya (Or Max or any other full 3D animation production package), I have a question.

Is there a timeframe for Substance Painter to support a non PBR workflow? One that when you output your painted result back into Maya or whichever. To be specific, if an artist paints a model in Mudbox (may it rest in peace), or MARI, either supports a non-PBR workflow so map assignment is simple and straight forward. The output is renderable with whatever rendering solution you happen to be using, Vray, Arnold, Mental Ray, Renderman... 

I'm asking about a genuine, honest to God, non-PRB workflow for the folks who have no interest in Game output.  Don't get me wrong, I love game output, it's terrific, it's an elegant, efficient, beautiful workflow IF you happen to need it. Wes has eluded to such a capability well over a year ago. Is this in the Roadmap?  It's totally cool and acceptable if Allegorithmic has decided this is not a workflow they wish to support, but I'd like to know.

I ask in particular as I teach Thesis Computer Animation and would love for our Dept to adopt SP/SD.  But we are not a Games Art program. The vast majority of our grads work in production shops like FrameStore, Psyop, Sony Imageworks, Pixar.....yada yada.  So A broadcast and film workflow is the priority. SP has a terrific workflow, and could be invaluable to our students.

I would really, appreciate, a firm, well-considered answer to whether it is prudent to expect this type of support for those artists outside the game industry.  That seems fair, right?

Oh and have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

B- 8)

Is it possible?   Can be handy to see the underlying wireframe sometimes.

Also, though I doubt it due to PBR only workflow, it there any way to import a model with a map painted outside SP? Like a base color map?
It's such a friendly package to paint in, big fan.


I could be missing something, but it seems that when you create a shader network and 'Export Images to Disk' it will recreate the shader with the baked maps (which is mighty handy), but the displacement map is always just 50% grey?  Am I missing something?

Also, I realize Allegorithmic killed Smart Textures, but how might one use a substance over a large area and not make it look highly tiled? For instance pebble grass. It's a neat texture, but represents what visually would be described as a few square feet of ground. 


Checked out the promo vid and the post processing looks awesome in SD & the still Wes posted on Twitter. The thing I'm not clear on is... it this in SD & SP?  Does it need to be purchased? If someone could enlighten me, perhaps answer one mother question I have I'd really appreciated it.

My other question is sort of the same question I have when I look at Marmaset Toolbag.  Other than being able to 'look' at one's work in it's glory... is there an actual quantifiable use for this?  I mean look development is important, of course. But, Can we render from it?  Is the outout actually usable?  Toolbag gives great "look... but it always seemed to me, that without being able to scoop up and bring that gorgeous look into Maya or Unity or's sort of like going to a strip club... you can look, but you really can't touch.

Spending the weekend inside the Substance Indie Pack. Love the workflow and Wes's lessons.  Is the Mesh used in the 'Project Walk-Through' available somewhere?  It's not critical to following along, but certainly helpful to match results.  Hope everyone is spending some time out in the summer goodness.  8)


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