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Hello everyone,

We have updated the 3ds Max plugin to version 2.2.0. This version is released for 3ds Max 2018, 2019 and 2020.

There is a big shift in the installation infrastructure for this version. We have switched to an MSI format for the installer, which is different than the previous installer. The cleanest upgrade is to go into the 3ds Max install folders and run the uninstallers for 2.1.1, then installing 2.2.0. Installing over 2.1.1 shouldn't cause issues, although it is less tidy and not recommended.

With the change to an MSI installer, the plugin now has separate installers for each version of 3ds Max that it supports.

2.2.0 Release:
  • Added support for 3ds Max 2020
  • Updated to the Substance Engine V7, adding support for value processors from Designer 2019.1
  • The plugin now loads the Substance engines relative to itself
  • Change to MSI format, proper silent install/uninstall via Microsoft tools
  • Installer and files are now properly signed
  • The installer no longer modifies any files from the original plugin
  • Fixed issue where the menu would not load in 3ds Max 2019 (and 2020)
  • Added native support for the ART renderer
  • Fixed issue with Corona workflow script when there is no glossiness output
  • Workflow scripts are now distributed as plain .ms files, and can be inspected
  • Smaller cosmetic changes and stability improvements

The installer for 3ds Max 2018 is the main one on the Downloads page. As of now, the installers for 3ds Max 2019 and 2020 need to be downloaded from our page for 3ds Max, located here:


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