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Hey everyone, been stuck on this for awhile, the normal preview has never shown green till right at the end when i went to export this project, like the normal's are reversed, but they're not. The Normal map substance generates is completely normal but when i go to export this happens? Really stumped to how to proceed with this.

This is the normal map as it comes out.

And here is the preview/what the normal layover shows inside the program now. it has never been green till i tried to export now they're just stuck like this. As you can see the Normal map generated at the baking stage is completely fine

hello everyone so yesterday i posted about a diffuse map being black, an well i kinda figured out my issue.

i have the channels set too "diffuse, secular, normal" but i want to export for ue4 and sketchfab which needs the workflow apparently of "base colour, roughness, metallic, normal's, occlusion" for a metal object.

is there a way i can transfer the detail on my alredy existing diffuse, speculer ect maps over too the ones id need to transfer detail too UE4/UDK

thanks :)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Black Diffuse texture.
 on: November 10, 2018, 07:41:48 pm 
Hey guys rather new to almost everything in this workflow so its been trial and error, finally got to exporting and well? just a flat black texture for diffuse!

Some steam tag recommended to someone else with the same problem its due to it being metal so i need a gloss/sepecular map but does that mean i dont need a diffuse map for metal?

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