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This node is da bomb. My first impressions were "Why do we need this?" After using it for about ten minutes I can see the flexibility and utility it brings. Gets me nice renders of my materials fast.

Couple of suggestions,

While scrolling down with the mouse wheel, I'm constantly running into the preset drop down menu and changing it by accident. Would be nice to lock this somehow, or have a neutral space to scroll that won't effect it. It's minor but annoying as undo doesn't change everything back to the way it was.

Importing a custom mesh into this would be amazing.

Are color luts available for the outputs? I imagine a drop down list somewhere with a library of lut's available somewhere.

Again, love this node, many thanks for this!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Sci Fi panel texture
 on: December 12, 2019, 07:44:38 pm 
I made this in mapzone, I think it was 2006, maybe 2007. I never really shared it, it's 100% procedural. This image is somewhat important to me as it was the first time I realized you can create almost anything with procedural tools. (Mapzone was Substance before Substance made by Allegorithmic)

It will only let me click and drag points a few pixels before it doesn't let me move them anymore,

At home, if I imported an image to edit this would happen, but if I linked it into the resources it was fine, but now at work it's happening with both,

any ideas?


Just need to pack it all up, based on the Ford Dash by Marc Newson. Hope you guys dig it, will distribute for free on my website soon with more detailed breakdowns, it's super fun to change color palettes!
Mattershots ref:

Entry image:


Anyone know of a way to do this? It has some useful things under mesh info, but I'd like to get a depth map or simple height map out of that viewport.

Did a search for relocate, and didn't find a mention of this, but when I try to "relocate" an obj, or fbx with another one, it doesn't update. If I use the "show in folder" option it WILL point to the new file, but inside designer it's still the old file,

am I missing something here or is this a bug?

Much appreciated!

Apologies on the topic in the wrong area, tried to move it over to product support but got an error!

Hey Guys,

I'm playing around with some ideas and ran into a wall with what I'm trying to do, basically, I'd like to input a custom mask into the tile generator, so the tiles only appear where there is white in the mask. As you can see in the image, in the bottom right, there are many options for various types of masks, (checker, horizontal, random etc) but what I need is to input a custom black and white one, so I can get results driven from a procedural texture,

any thoughts on how to achieve this? Many thanks!

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