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Hey guys,

I am on linux try to use sbsrender to output texture maps from bunch of .sbsar files.

The shell command line I am using is:

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sbsrender render --output-path '{inputPath}' --set-value '$outputsize@4,4' --output-format 'tif' --inputs /file/location/xxx.sbsar
But when I use this same command line for different .sbsar files, I ended up with different map resolution. Some .sbsar file gave me 512x512 maps while others give me 2048x2048.

I know this might be because the original .sbs files use different base resolutions. Just wondering, can anybody show me a correct way to export maps in a desired resolution? for example, if I want 4K maps, it will give me maps in that certain resolution. I dont mind using sbsmutator to the change some base settings, just need to know how to do it in batch/script since I have tons of sbs archive files to work on.

Many thanks!

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