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Hi, community.

This post is related to this one by Philip Hartmann:,21110.msg84398/highlight,coral.html#msg84398

I was wondering, how would you go about mapping a starburst texture inside the cell-like structures of this shape?

I'd appreciate any help. :)


Hi, everyone. Reynante Martinez <> here, staff and artist at

I recently encountered an issue with Painter where the exported 8K maps contained some artifacts which are non-existent when exporting on lower resolution sizes (e.g. 4K and below).

Is there a workaround or solution to this?

Attached are exported textures (scaled down for demo and upload purposes).

I'd really appreciate any help you can provide. :)

Thanks in advance.


Good day, Allegorithmic team.

I am currently using Substance Designer 6.0.3 and am interested in using the latest version 2017.1.1.

Can I use my existing SD 6 key to activate the 2017.1.1 version?


Hi, everyone! This is Reynante Martinez from the Philippines.

My first post here. Yay.

Anyway, I was just wondering and would love to find a solution to this: the Normal Maps that I export from Substance Designer 5 contain an alpha channel and doesn't look as close as to what I see inside Designer.

I just started learning the app a few weeks ago and would really appreciate it if you can provide me some solutions or workarounds to this.

Thanks a lot.

- Reyn

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