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So the issue came up today, instead of going back one step in history the undo command goes all the way back to the point of opening the actual graph. Hitting ctrl+z (or an undo command from Edit menu) basically just closes my graph with all the changes i did to it.

Hey guys, just a quick question - is there a way to apply filters such as sharpen/blur, etc to the final textures of my project?
The workaround i can think of is to export outputs, import them back as images, disable all the layers and create new fill with imported textures and sharpen applied, which sounds too complicated.

Thanks C:

Hey guys, just a quick question - i can't get why do i need UVs of cage mesh to copy that of a low poly when baking in substance. Hell, why would it need UVs on the first place? From what i get cage file just indicates limitations of where rays cast, its UVs doesn't come into play at all.
Would appreciate some explanation, thanks C:

Hey guys, could you please help me out?
I'm eager to utilise Substance Painter in my workflow but we use Spec/Gloss PBR model in out project and if understand everything right, Painter allows only Metallic/Roughness outputs meaning i need to convert that. This brings me to a shameful issue: I can't seem to find the metallic/roughness to spec/gloss convert node in my Substance Designer. One great fella helped me out and pointed at Material Filters>Transforms folder which shoud contained said node, but all i have is this:

So could you guys clarify two things for me:
1. How do i find the node?
2. Is there any way to avoid using Substance Designer in my case and export textures from Substance Designer in Spec/Gloss model right away?

In case you need it, I use steam version:

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