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Hi, i created a material, but i want to do 2 different variations from it. Is there a way to duplicate and keep my layers so i cant create the rest? If not is there any way to achieve this without having to recreate all my layers? Thanks in advance!

Hi, i'm trying to activate my Substance painter and i keep getting this message when i'm trying to do the activation thru my account: "There is an issue to contact our server (status 500). Please try again later.
If the error persists contact Allegorithmic.
In the meantime, you can activate the software using a license file available on your account."

Greetings, i'm kind new to this so bear with me if i do something wrong (wrong forum section for example).

I recently started using substance painter and i'm having a blast with it. For about a year now i'm using poliigon site for my texture maps and i have a pretty big library. What is the best way of integrating these materials into substance painter? (for each material i have a diffuse/displacement/glossy/specular maps)

I did try to find answers and tried the solution previously suggested in some similar threads. Used the diffuse map in an empty layer but i had 2 problems with it. Firstly, because of the scaling my image would be get too stretched and i was losing detail. Secondly this way i couldn't take advantage of the other maps i had for this material. Maybe i need designer for this? What ,do you think, is the correct workflow to do this? Thanks in advance!

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