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Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - My first SD project
 on: May 01, 2014, 02:28:31 am 
Hello, I would like to show you two screenshot of what I used Awesome Substance Designer to work creating texture maps on my first project which is simple button model from my character's uniform model. It's new to me to still learn how to use it for experimenting various of texture maps and nodes with shadow, light reflection, color, effect and etc since I bought it online last four week ago. I developed creating it to be shiny gold with light reflection. How do you like it and what do you think of of my project?


When I finished my mesh with four side square of low polgyon wireframe and baked texture maps in Topogun. I also finished UV Map for my mesh in Maya before that.  Next, I have switched them to 0.5.0 version of SP for painting texture map on my mesh then saved it. Later, I loaded up my mesh and texture again when 3 side triangle of wireframe appeared instead of four side square of wireframe. I couldn't use selection to change it to four side wireframe so it look like not work or bug problem.

The error message won't let me to report bugs through SP so I report it here online instead of it.

I reported other bug through 0.5.0 version of SP about blank mesh in wireframe in lower left side of UV map in 2D view so I hope you allegorithmich staffs took a look at it for fix in the next new build

Screenshot below.

In version of SP, I loaded mesh and texture map after I finished painting textures and saved them as TGA files , I wait for 5 - 8 minutes until texture maps appears back on the mesh. It's so slow loading when compulation in progress below is still appear. I think you allegorithmic staffs need to reduce the time of loading texture map to run fast so please fix it for the next new build. The error message won't let me to report bug in 0.5.0 version of SP so I report it here online instead of it.

Screenshot below.

Thank you. 

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - 30 Substances PBR materials
 on: April 23, 2014, 02:59:59 pm 
I have two questions to ask you.

My computer system is Window 7 Pro 64 bit.

Where and which folders should I put 30 substance PBR material at ?

Is it for Substance Painter or Substance Designer ?


5 version of SP Beta is new update which is separated from old version in my desktop.  I like an idea improvement of 3D model in 3D view and UV Map in 2D view so It's easier for user to paint texture map in 2D view when it automatically paint in 3D view at the same time.  ;D

Next, I loaded my old UFO model in OBJ file of Maya in SP without any problem but unfortunately, FBX file doesn't work to load because SP has crashed. I notice when I paint copper, gold, Titanium, white glossy on UFO model's chest when black appears in them so I'm sure that is bug.  I use slider ( roughness ) below at lower right side to remove black.

Other bug is Fade in and out at layer at upper right side. I use slider to decrease from 100 to 20 near to 0 when the copper dissolves out, silver surface is still on the surface of UFO model's chest. It's supposed to be copper to fade out but shouldn't be silver. I wonder if it's bug or not. Same problem with Bump, Titanium, Coblat materials.

I already report bugs with screenshots directly to Allegorithmic for fix problem bugs.

Take a look at three screenshot below.


I opened painter when the message box appeared saying a new version of Substance Painter is available 0.40 - build 303. I click OK button then it switched to the window about Download at I don't see a new version update there so where is it?  It's for downloading trail. I need to update it to my painter which I already bought with licence key.

Look at two screenshot below.

Hi, everyone,

I evaluate Substance Painter Trail for test if I like it or not before I arrange purchasing online soon. I have some problem with 3D painting Tool issues. I notice painting tool is slow and stiff when I painted texture, stencil, colors, and etc on mesh but some of tool are fast and smooth. I don't feel like a natural feeling painting there. It keep saying " Computation in Progress " below that distracts me when I painted on it. I have my Nvidia Quardo FX 4800 with GPU that should work fine with SP but why slow painting?  I tried to add SP in the list of 3D application in my video card to fix it but not working. I have no problem with my Mudbox that has fast and smooth painting tool unlike SP.

Take a look at two image below

Anyone, do you have any suggestion or idea how to fix it if possible?



Hello, everyone

I just downloaded Substance Bitmap2Material for free trail to install in my Window 7 Pro 64 bit system and checked out to test how it worked or not.  I don't see Substance Bonus Tool Tab on shelves in my Maya 2012 ASP1 64 bit so it didn't add there. Is it missing?  I was looking around everything for it there but not available tool. Indie Licence doesn't have it to support Maya.  Is there possibly available bonus tool in only Pro Licence?

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