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Hi there,

I've been working in substance designer and painter for about three months now and so far I am freaking loving them! The only problem I've run into recently came after I followed through the custom FX node tutorial. My main desire when utilizing this workflow is to create new and unique mask generators for substance painters.

However, I've been running into a gamut of problems when attempting to bring my sbsar into painter. I'll post some pictures below and explain the problems associated with them.

"Picture1.jpg" displays the node setup I have implementing my fx map as a mask blending it with my normal map input converted to a curvature and having it bumped up some in the levels.

This leads through to a similar architecture based directly off of other mask generators that came with painter, brought into substance designer to observer. From what I can see I am using all the same exact kinds of input and output nodes, settings, and parameters, however, when I import them to painter, I get the following message (See image 2)

In image "Picture2.jpg", you can see that I have successfully imported the substance into painter, however, when I attempt to use it on a substance effect applied to a mask, I get the messages:
"Output mask hasn't been recognized" (a message I also get when trying to output a normal map)
"Effect selected is not a substance effect designed"

So far as I know these problems probably stem from some tiny detail I'm missing, but I'm hoping you guys can help me out, as I'd super appreciate it. I work for Broken Window Studios (The developers behind the Xbox One Indie Game "Grave") and we're using your program suite almost exclusively to generate the texture and surface detail for our models. If I can get these custom substances to work I know it would open an entirely new world of custom procedural effects and masks.

Either way, you guys are doing an awesome job and I can't wait to get to the bottom of this so I can keep cracking on in this amazing program. Thanks a ton!

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