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Yesterday (30th September 2020) I extended my Substance Painter and Designer perpetual licenses to 09/2021. The purchase was successful and they almost immediately showed up on my licenses page.

This morning they were both still showing extended to 09/2021. Before I'd downloaded and authorized them I went onto the partnership page and clicked the sync with steam expecting it to auto-update my steam version of designer and painter.

Instead, it seems to have erased my upgraded licenses back to being expired.

Please help!

Sometimes when I bring a third-party Substance into SD (for tweaking for my own needs), I find many are set to output at 256x256.

Is there a way to force all the nodes to output 1024x1024 (for example) with a single click?

Currently, I'm finding myself having to go through every single node manually and changing the output size!

I've created a new substance that has transparency, similar to a fence mesh or a string vest.

I'd like to apply this as a fill layer onto an already textured model in SP2, however, when added the opacity of the new substance is applied over the existing painting/layers below. This results in the overall opacity of the object being altered instead. This isn't what I want!

How do I maintain the opacity/transparency of the new substance layer so that the underlying textures/painting shows through (instead of becoming transparent)?

I hope that makes some sort of sense!

Thanks in advance

I'd like to (somehow) create a scatter node which ensures the objects scattered do not overlap and that uses a black and white texture or mask to change the size of the scattered objects/textures.

So i'm wondering, if I could create this, how you can use this in substance painter? Could I paint the size driver dynamically? Or would I need to export the mask as a texture, reimport and plug into the input of the scatter node?

Could this only be possible (dynamically) if generator layers themselves could have their own mask inputs(or perhaps multiple)?

The effect I'm going for is perhaps similar to the way octopus suckers shrink in size as they get closer to the narrow tip of a tenticle. (And yes, I know I could paint it manually! :) )

I'd like to create a random scatter effect (based on scatter node) that uses Ambient Occlusion or even painted grey scale to drive the size of the scattered shapes across a mesh.

I can't seem to expose any of the parameters of the scatter node. They never appear as an input port on the scatter node. I'm probably doing something wrong.

I may be missing a very basic thing that I've forgotten regarding the SD interface or what I want to do is more technical than I thought!

Please advise.

Many thanks in advance.

It would be nice to have say, generate curvature for layering onto the base colour (strengthen contrast of details) based on painted height info of other layers (rather than just the baked textures).

Or to paint base colour based on painted/generated height info (based on a cavity mask most probably), so you can highlight just raised parts with paint or a mask.

Can this be done now somehow? (I know I can pop over to designer with the exported maps to do this - would be nice to do it in Painter without having to switch).


Some programs let you toggle the current (mouse hovering over) viewport to fill the whole screen and then press the same to switch back to seeing all views.

Is there one for Substance Painter? (And substance designer for that matter!)

When I'm away from my main computer I'd like to use my laptop, but the screen is small!


I have a model of a pipe and have applied the "Machinery" smat material. On one of the vertical cylinder sections, the MG mask builder is creating a nasty seam around the back.
I was wondering if there is a way to tweak the generated mask generated by the MG builder?

It seems that the simplest way to do this in Painter would be a new "painted layer" option where you can place paintable layers in the red sub-stacks (not sure what they're called) which could override the result of a mask generator before it reaches the layer mask at the top. (hope that makes sense).


Just wondering if I'm doing this correctly...

Once I've created a normal map in SD, what should I do to the normal map so it can work correctly with Valve's Source engine?

I've noticed the normal mapper node seems to change the normal map in various ways? Can I just pick a format and run with it?

I'm new here, so this may have been suggested before...

What about a Substance Marketplace/Shop built into Designer and Painter?
Break the full database into themed packs and individual substances?

Future update could allow users to sell their own creations?

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