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Is it possible via python when exporting, to export black into a channel instead of white if the channel is missing in the project/document?

We currently use several user channels to build some masks, but not every project needs to use all of them, in these cases those packed channels export as White, which is causing annoying issues in the shader we use (having white in channels that should be black). I was curious if its possible at export to find out if a channel doesnt exist in the document. I know the errors return info can point this out in which case I'd like to export the channel as black, but I'm not sure if that would be possible or if I would need to build a new preset when it fails that puts black in those channels instead?

Reading 2 or 3 of the other posts it seems like there is a lot of confusion with loading a "plugin" that isn't in the default python/plugins folder.

What I am trying to accomplish.

Give the user a simple python "plugin" script, they replace a string with the path to their tools repo and place it in their plugins startup folder so it automatically runs.

This script loads all of the plugins that we store in our tools repo. Basically deploying a suite of tools using a small script that initially loads and sets the plugin path. I've looked at the example using importLib, it logs just tell me it doesnt exist.

Looping thru and printing all module names also prints nothing.

Not sure how this is that difficult.

Code: [Select]
import substance_painter
import substance_painter_plugins

##replace this path with with your tools repo/art/substance path
substance_painter_plugins.path = "D:/MyRepos/Tools/Art/SubstancePainter/plugins"

debug = True
deepDebug = True
print("Debug printing is " + str(debug))
print("Deep Debug printing is " + str(deepDebug))

def start_plugin():
if debug: print("Plugin Loaded")


def close_plugin():
print("closing Plugin")

if __name__ == "__main__":

Not sure if this is happening for anyone else, but once I set the plugins path, reload plugins path and open plugins path options no longer work and substance painter has to be restarted to get the original plugins to show up again.

Back in SP1 and early in SP2, reimporting a mesh was much more useful. Small changes would cause some breakage in masking and painting, but 70-80% of your work could be salvaged or would need little to no clean up or adjustment.

Lately using SP2019.1.3 its basically pointless. The feature to me is entirely broken.

Reimporting a mesh that hasn't even changed will ruin most if not all of the texturing work done, across multiple textureSets as well.

Do you really feel like this is a "working feature" of Substance Painter?

As professional who uses SP daily and has setup pipelines around SP/SD and taught numerous other dev's SP, this is becoming very frustrating and worrisome. Features that have been long requested seem ignored entirely and things that used to work, or at least HAD a workaround have become broken.

There needs to be a checkbox that essentially says DO NOTHING when I reimport a mesh and I'll handle the outcome. What is the difficulty in basically re-interpreting the textures AS IS and wiping the 3d stroke projection back to 0 with the new mesh?

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