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After lots of trial and error it seems that the FX-Map node has some problems when set to color, and blending mode max.

Any color value set either 0 or 255 (0 or 1) will be drawn on top of all the color values in-between... so a shape set to 0,0,0,1 will draw on top of 0.5,0.5,0.5,1 but 0.001,will be dawn under 0.5...

Also switching an FX-Map node from grayscale to color or vice versa seems to brake existing function graphs...

Thanks for your help.


So yah this happens when you click the download button in Microsoft Edge a lot...

Perhaps its the .rar file format? However this seams to happen with other file formats to...

Cant we just standardize the .zip file format, its got built in support by all major operating systems, hell even my phones operating system has native support for .zip files.


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Bezier firkin curve yall!
 on: November 29, 2015, 02:42:32 pm 
I have been working on a segmented line/curve generator for a few weeks now and its really starting show some promise!


So if I connect say 3 different sections of a graph to a Multi Switch node and select 1 of them. Dus the substance still calculate the other 2 branches that where not selected?

Thanks for your help.


Hey you know the Output Size sliders at the top of the property's for every node?

Usably reads something like Width 4 = 16 pixels or Height 7 = 128 pixels and so on.

Do you know what the math is behind that?

Thanks for your help.


This took me hours to track down, check this weirdness out!

Ok I made a function to give me the distance between 2 points (float2) it works brilliantly I am using it all over the place and have used it in past Substances with no problems.

You can see my distance function in the first image. (I had to Attach the images cuz the Insert Image button on your form "all the buttons" don't work in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge web browser.)

Second image is my distance node/function being used in a graph (it works great). But try and remove it from your graph in anyway, delete, disconnect, or cut it out and Substance Designer stops updating and then shortly after becomes totally unresponsive and eventually crashes...

But wait it gets weirder if you save after removing this node in hopes SD will work ok after you restart it... It still becomes unresponsive shortly after reopening the file and eventually crashes...

If I quickly navigate back to the graph in question and add my distance node back into the graph and reconnect it, then save before SD crashes, the next time I reopen the file everything is ok again... SD works and my substance works normally except that I cant remove, disconnect, or substitute that node or the crashing and corruption starts all over aging!

This has been an extremely frustrating bug to track down because as I have previously reported SD 5.3.3 doesn't actually completely close when you exist the application its still running in the back ground and you have to use the Task Manager to stop it so that you can reopen SD... yah I latterly had to do that hundreds of times as I walked threw the problem trying to figure out what the hell was going wrong.

Sorry about dumping 3 problems on you all at once, but this doesn't look like something I can fix.

I am going to try rebuilding the graph from scratch excluding my killer node but that will take some time its a fairly large/complex substance so this is going to take a long time to try and remove it that way lol.

Thanks for looking into.


This is totally a selfish request, but I just got a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 and upgraded the operating system to Windows 10... and well you would be surprised how few applications support all the new Pen/Touch/Gesture user input. With the apps that do windows 10 is freaken sweet! Unfortunately my favorite Substance Designer dus not support any of cool pinch/zoom/pan/tap gestures that make for such a smooth experience in other apps like Photoshop. It would be nice to have some of the new windows 10 input features in SD, but not necessary, just really nice.



So it would seam that the FX-Map changes the RGB color values if the Alpha channel is anything other then 1!

Check out the Red value in the first print screen its 255 / 1 and the Alpha is also 255 / 1

Now check out the second print screen, the Red value has been changed 127 / 0.498 along with the Alpha 127 / 0.498

Note that the Float 4 Red value is still 1 and only the Alpha value has been changed to 0.5 this Float 4 is plugged directly into the Color / Luminosity property.

So why is the Alpha also changing the RGB values! This has been totally messing up my colors, and its taken hours to track it down... I have tried changing blending modes and other properties in the FX-Map and its parent nodes to solve this but no such luck.

Any ideas, is this a bug?

Thanks for your help.


It looks like I am going to be having 2 computers soon a laptop and a tablet PC, and was wondering if I can use my license for both of them?

A switch node to use in function creation would be nice.


A node to sample the Size of Input Images used in functions, would be nice?

Here is a related thread:



Ok so not sure where to start...

First: Help > Report a Bug... just takes you to the documentation so not sure what that's about.

When you change between graphs (double click on them in the Explorer or right click "Display outputs in 3D view") any outputs that are not used in the current graph still show in the 3D view as the old outputs. So say your last graph had an AO output and the graph you just opened dus not, the old graphs AO output is still being displayed on the model in the 3D view...

After working for a while any copped or duplicated nodes just stop working. They say 0seconds and never update in the 2D view.

After getting frustrated I tried exiting Substance Designer and reopening it... well now looks like SD can no longer be reopened after you just closed the program. I had to restart my computer just so I could start SD again.

So yah lots of wired stuff...

I hope this helps you all to fix the bugs, let me know if there is something I can do to help.



Is there a way to get the size in pixels of an Input Image?

Thanks for your help.


Something a bit like the scene statistics in 3Ds Max would be cool.

Just some small text in the corner that could be turned on an off if needed that would display some helpful info like:

Total Nodes in the Graph
Total Milliseconds to calculate the Graph
Number of Nodes Selected
Processing time of Selected Nodes in Milliseconds

Just a little text overlay to display helpful information that will help us to develop better substances.



I just think it would be cool to get to see a real time 3D preview of substances.

Plus linking back and forth from an art sharing site SketchFab would be good natural link generation.



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