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As the title says. More rock surfaces for cliffs and mountains or hills (these are the hardest to get) , more grass variety more dirt variety, dirt roads, forest grounds etc etc ?

I wont hide that i sub mostly for the substances u offer in the substance source library and b2m soft, since i am not an artist at all :). I mostly do a programming so all textures i use depend on what u and other sources like gametextures offer in their store :).

I really notice a real lack of terrain surface materials as i mentioned in the first sentence. I mostly see fabrics, woods, metal etc. It would be nice to get more stuff for terrain and level creation :)


Yesterday i've decided to update all the substance software on my PC, sadly, after the upgrade, the 3D view output in Substance Player is black and i can't seem to fix it. Also the renderer tab is grayed out.

I use the dx10 render engine. Also there is something strange, after i enter the camera options i get such an abnormal big list of cameras :)

I have latest nvidia drivers on GPU installed.

I've checked the log file, aside from loading a lot of cameras there is no ERROR nor WARNING messages that could indicate something wrong with the render.

Thanks in advance for any response :).

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