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hi there

when using the masking tools ( paint brush or poly paint ) i always feel like im missing the ability to raycast select my polygons instead of using a rectangular marquee to poly paint. this would be much faster !!  it would be great to be able to select polygon loops like you would in maya or any other 3d app. this would be super handy !!

also i notice that the anti aliasing when using poly paint isnt as good as it could be and i often find myself having to blur the mask and use a levels to clamp the values again. but if i export the same type of poly painted mask/vertex colour from another app the anti aliasing is perfectly fine.

it would also be handy to have the ability to hide objects or polygon/UV islands some how either with a mask or just the option to turn off different areas of your mesh. i know you can turn off texture sets or make certain areas opaque but this isnt what im after.

Hi all,

i was wondering if somebody could help me ? i am currently using the latest build of substance painter and have noticed a new issue which i have not seen before :( when ever i export my textures parts of which are metallic , for some reason i get no colour information where the object is metallic. when i look at the Albedo display in substance that all displays correctly and i do see colour where the object is supposed to be metallic, however my exported albedo texture shows that same area as black with no colour. this didnt used to happen before . im not to sure whats going on..

please can somebody help ..

thank you for your time !!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Feature Wish List
 on: March 07, 2014, 11:36:13 am 
Hi everyone,

i have just started playing around with Substance Painter and i think its Brilliant. i would however like to see a few things added in the future if possible?

-the ability to paint on top of a flattened UV set

- Colour Picker to Pick from the Colours/Textures already on your mesh

-maybe the inclusion of a colour swatch shelf that stores all of the colours you have used perhaps ?

- Ambient Occlusion\Cavity map Baking perhaps?

- Clone texture brush

-be able to see the flattened UVs

-the ability to Hide any geometry elements ( if you mesh consists of multiple geometries )

- the ability to fill geometry elements ( so if you have multiple geometries , it would great if you could select a chunk and fill that whole bit with texture and colour ?)

-maybe the inclusion of some  sort of object hierarchy window

-ptex support

- symmetry Painting

and i guess Higher resolution image export :)

if any of this stuff is already possible, i apologise for not spotting it.

i think this is a great start!! and i will continue to try it out.


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