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I have a scene with Height/Displacement turned on. But the resolution of the mesh seems a bit low quality. How does one increase the quality of the Tesselation when rendering with IRAY?

I am using a 32bit 2k Height map created from Gaea.

I used Painter Generator w/ additional maps as starting point inside Designer. plugged in position and world space normals into the correct spot. And a custom input into the Splatter nodes source slot. I exposed Pattern Size, Zoom and other parameters. But when I published the sbsar and use it in painter only some of the parameters show up. Any idea why?


Im just wondering why substance source rarely get updates? sometimes only getting updates after months. It's serious making me reconsider continuing my subscription. Both cgtextures and Quixel Megascan offer a lot of high quality materials almost weekly. All i see from Source is just some fabric material here and there. If you look at the number of material in each category, you can tell its unbalanced. Do we really need that many fabric seriously?

Ceramic 39
Concrete 71
Fabric 372
Ground 73
Leather 200
Marble -Granite 20
Metal 203
Organic 58
Paint 66
Paper 14
Plaster 20
Plastic 264
Stone 124
Terracotta 42
Translucent 21
Wood 138

Not sure what the reason is. but im unable to download the any of the Seatbelt nylon materials when clearly i have 170 available downloads

Hi, I would like to ask if there is a way to export textures Vray without using IOR maps. This is for Spec/gloss workflow. Thanks

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