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Been trying to download this asset at least half a dozen times today. Same result, it downloads 10MB out of 26MB and just stops.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - sample scenes hang
 on: September 29, 2017, 05:59:13 pm 

This is not earth shattering nor dire, but the sample scenes hang forever in the latest version, my older files open just fine, so this is really just a FYI for you guys.

they hang when opening them, the meshes become visible in the view port they just hang and hang forever.

==EDIT ====
I had attached the wrong log files, sigh.


I'm having an issue with Substance Designer hanging indefinitely when opening/creating a graph.

I'm thinking that it is being caused by iRay not being installed properly.

Maybe Nvidia pooped the bed? Is there a way of manually installing iray so it will work?


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - 4k Environments
 on: April 30, 2017, 03:03:19 am 
Hi Guys,

I figured that I would ask, because, perhaps we'll get it?

I love all the environments that shipped with Substance Painter, they are really good. Would it be possible to get a 4k resolution version of them?




I'd like for the thumbnails in the shelf to load/generate without one having to select the category or having to scroll down to get them all generated.

For example, launch Painter, go get coffee, all thumbnails are generated.

As it is now, one can let it sit there and it will not generate thumbnails beyond the ones currently visible in the shelf.

Hi, I am having an issue with normal maps from Substance Painter within Unity.

This is my Substance Painter viewport:

The normal map in Painter:

This is what it looks like in Unity:

And the normal map how unity brings it in:

Any idea why the normal map lacks all that detail?

Hi, I noticed that the SSS shader that ships with Painter is not working on Painter 2.3.1 AND IRAY IS BROKEN.


This image is using pbr-spec-gloss:

This one is using PBRSSS:


And a bonus, when using iRay on pbr-spec-gloss, I get this:


I cannot get IRay to work properly in Designer 5.5.0. I'm using one of the materials that comes with Designer to make sure that I was not doing something wrong.



I was trying to render in Iray this afternoon (first time opening 2.0.4) and the vray option on the 2d/3d dropdown is gone.



Sorry if this has been asked before but, what is the difference between Base Color vs Albedo vs Diffuse?

Hello folks,

First of all, thanks for the update.

I had an interesting thing happen while trying to bake a work in progress substance last night. I found it really neat that the new baker throws errors and such, and it was good, seriously, letting me know of things that I had to fix. I had a bunch of out of bounds issues to resolve.


2 things, suggestions.

When it throws an error, and a node identifier, it would have been great to see WHICH node it was referring to. If it gives me a node identifier, I have no way (that I know of) of seeing identifiers in my graph.

Also, and perhaps even better, after a failed export, if it would highlight (an outline or something) the offending nodes.

I spent a little while going through every node and found the problems. So no worries there.

Again, Thanks for the great work!


Maybe this has been asked before, but I come across this problem sometimes, sometimes not. I create a substance, add a multi switch, create a input variable that controls it. It works great, but when I publish, it disappears.

Please watch video, it features the same substance, published and non-published.


-- MM

Hey guys,

First of all, thanks for the great 5.10 update! It is awesome! Except one thing, that annoying auto connect feature, like when you instance a new node it automatically connects to the selected node. I personally hate this feature, and can understand that not everyone would hate it as much as I do.

So I am suggesting that we split the difference, and make it into a setting that some of us could turn off?

Thanks again for the awesome work.



I am having a cooking error, no matter WHERE I try to publish to. There are NO bitmaps in my substance.

launch application:
   C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Substance Designer 5/bin64/sbscooker.exe --input X:/Dropbox/substances/001_patterns/ --includes C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Substance Designer 5/resources/packages --output-path C:/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Temp/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer --output-name camoPatterns --expose-output-size 1 --expose-random-seed 0 --expose-pixel-size 0 --size-limit 12
Execution failed ! (Exit Code: 6)

     Substance Cooker 4.1.0 build 15676 (Apr  7 2015)
ERR: (Error 9) Cannot include default dir
     Found default packages at C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Substance Designer 5/Resources/packages
ERR: Fail to read package 'X:/Dropbox/substances/001_patterns/camoPatterns.sbsar' (uid=1223508355)
ERR:       Unable to open file
ERR:       Failed to create package
ERR: (Error 6) Cannot open the package
ERR: Cooking fail [Error 6]




I am new to the forums, and after searching for a few days, I could not find a similar problem being reported.

I created a substance (this problem has occurred with other substances in the past)

The substance contains a FXmap, and within this FXMap I have exposed the Pattern Type value and assigned it to an integer.

This works like a charm when i instantiate this substance within another substance, but when I publish it the parameter disappears.

In this image,, I have the same substance in a new graph.
  • the one that came in straight works fine
  • the published one has no exposed parameter

Could I get some help please? Like I mentioned, this has happened before.


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