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I've followed the 'Bitmap2Material3 for Unity5'-Tutorial, making a new material with the Bitmap2Material_3.sbsar inside Unity5 (V5.0.0.f4). That worked good so far, my material is pretty on a cube in the scene, but -
how to save this material, how to create several materials inside unity for my scene?

The outdated documentation doesn't even mention this aspect, the good tutorials on youtube skip this question as well, so far I've seen. Now I've tried to copy and rename just the .sbsar inside the assets, the resulting .sbsar seems damaged. I've tried to export and save the created output textures at least - but no 'export as bitmap'-function like in the standalone seems to be there.

So I'm wondering what the correct workflow inside Unity may be?
How to manage and save different substances created with B2M3?
And generally inside Unity5, is the recommended workflow using a couple of substances or a couple of unity materials using standard PBR-Shader with exported bitmaps from B2M3?
I'm little confused now and some hints and explanations are more than welcome.


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