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I am currently considering upgrading to a commercial license to start selling my creations, however, I am unsure about the places I am actually able to sell them.

The best places for selling seem to be the allegorithmic substance database and turbosquid.

However, I plan to make a lot of base components (already did some), e.g. custom noises, functions, etc. and I think the allegorithmic database would fit better than turbosquid for this.

What options do commercial license users have to upload to the database instead of selling their work on turbosquid?

If there is an option to upload to the database:
- what sale revenue percentage does allegorithmic take for hosting the service?
- what steps were taken to render the substances with all the maps, is the preview mesh available somehow?
- what quality restrictions are in place?

Using stacked iteration nodes should give their children the ability to use $number, $number_1, $number_2 ... as values in the function graphs.

I want to have a variable in a function that I can set to a value based on the graph's output.

How do I achieve this?

How do I use the "Set" node?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - More Shaders
 on: January 15, 2014, 08:33:15 pm 
At the moment I think there are plenty of outputs (height map etc.) which effects cannot be shown within SD.
Would be helpful to have more shaders in SD.

Substance AcademySubstance Academy - Community Tutorials - Tutorials
 on: January 10, 2014, 02:12:39 pm 
I guess this forums misses a thread with as much tutorial links as possible, while the videos on the allegorithmic website are really nice (I have some issues watching them in opera though) there are some other helpful youtube tutorials and a centralized place for them to be looked at might be beneficial.


The allegorthimic introductory tutorials for Substance Desinger 3 (still very relevant, explanation of all the nodes in detail):

all the nodes in even more detail (except FX-Node, for FX-Node see above):

allegorithmic channel:

pod tutorial on youtube:

Cymourai tutorial on youtube:

step by step creation of half of a rusted metal substance:

masking tutorial (covered in pod tutorial):



How to use the "Set" and "Sequence" function nodes:;topic=839.0;attach=803

Brick Rows / My example of how to set up for loops and extensive use of the "Set" and "Sequence" nodes:;topic=839.0;attach=805

stacked Stone example:;topic=696.0;attach=701

Gun template:

Pod Tutorial Assets:

Cymourai Tutorial Assets:

Hotrod Tutorial Assets:

My Advanced Tiles Generators:;topic=798.0;attach=768

This can be achieved with:

- let an fx-node control the random seed for an input image for each iteration
- implement for-loops for functions (counting up for each call/iteration) which ending iteration number can be defined (loop restarts after that)

Basically I want the function output to be dependent on the output of the last iteration, is there a way to do that?

It resembles recursive functions, however, there is no possibility to run infinite, since it is limited by the iteration count.

Again if it is not possible right now move this to feature request.

Is it possible to have a fx-node as input for another one and randomize the input fx-node for each iteration of the second fx-node?

I am aware that this raises processing time by quite a large amount, however, for a low amount of iterations it should be fine in most cases.

If it is not please move this to feature request.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - retakrew7's work
 on: January 09, 2014, 01:24:44 am 
Here are some of the things I am currently working on:

Leather (I am quite happy with it):

Wall Paint (could use some more inputs and variations):

Some improvements on the stacked stone wall by Nicolas Wirrmann:

Wood WIP (maybe as base for some more advanced bark, tiled it looks ok):

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