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Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - HBN SC
 on: October 20, 2017, 06:16:42 am 
Hi, this is the collection of materials that I've made so far. And you can find them on here:

The money raised by this pack will be donated to a civil organization to help the affected people by the earthquakes in Mexico. In case you want to make your donative directly to any organization with the same goal you can send me your receipt, and will gladly handle the zip file by inbox (Artstation) or e-mail

The pack comes along with:

3 different templates to start right away with SD.
Modular shapes graphs, to copy and paste.
Various noise generators (brand new atomic nodes).
And functions to copy and paste.

I decided to offer this pack with a regular license or mentorship license to help you understand my workflow and the material containing in the graphs.

I also want to thank the people that have already supported the cause, and let you know that I'm open to suggestions to improve the content of this pack so more people contribute with their donatives.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Substance x Mexico
 on: September 27, 2017, 10:12:57 pm 
Hello everyone! For those who may not know, 2 earthquakes shook Mexico. A lot of people were affected. Today I’m asking the art community for their support, specially for those people that lost everything, from family members, to all their belongings.

In appreciation for your help, I will be giving out all my SD graphs, which are around 36, some of them are pretty simple materials, but a lot them I certainly know that they will help you to understand the basic and advanced principles of the software. The pack includes also 2 of the templates I always use, a graph with different modular shapes and fresh new atomic nodes (noise generators) that will help you to achieve great materials for your own projects.

I’ll be handing out the zip folder to the people that donate $10usd or more. And will be responding questions about the graphs and giving feedback for the people that donate $30 or more. I’m also considering keeping this group update with all the materials and graphs that I make till’ the end of the year.

Please consider to share this post to the people that might get interested to help in case that you can’t make a monetary contribution.

I link below three options to help those in need, the first option is a close person that is distributing the help to the most needed villages and towns of Morelos where a lot of houses are just rubble. The second link is Red Cross Mexico and the third is a initiative from 2 Mexican actors that are raising money to distribute them among several civil associations. I’d personally recommend the first option because I think the help will be faster and arrive where is more needed, which is sadly the less mentioned by the media.

If you decide to help, you can send me and inbox where I will send you the zip folder containing everything after you show me your receipt.

I thank you very much.

You can find some screenshots of part of the materials in here (no fancy marmoset renders, directly uploaded from SD):

You can get in touch in here or or message me on Artstation, will be looking periodically.

Hi everyone, I'm a freelance artist, I go by the name of Heavy Blaze Night (HBN). I love electronic music (dubstep/dnb/trap) and all the stuff related with 3D and design. I discovered Allegorithmic software on YT. And because a friend of mine that is already working in the industry recommended me to use it (Painter) by the time Mat's contest was launched.

For me this piece of software is a game changer because my desktop is very slow for rendering matters, but it runs Painter and Designer with almost no problem. The workflow is very smooth and it looks pretty cool, so I got hooked immediately.

My first project with Painter was Fashion Mat, wearing a pink cammo pajamas, stood on a glowing porcelain base. Fashion Mat is an avant garde artist, leader of the haute couture movement.

By the time I submitted it I could not figure how to apply the emission effect on iRay but here it is, lol. I intend to post here some of the projects I've done with Painter gradually. I pretty much love using both Painter and Designer!

Hi guys, I’m working with Designer and Painter making simple base materials,
and this is the first time the material can’t be used in Painter.

So I generally open one sample scene, import the published material, when it finishes loading the material in the shelf, it shows as an empty material in plain white/grey. And after dragging the material to the mesh it crashes or shows this message.

I had no problem loading the material in Substance Player, so I guess it's a Painter's issue.

I'm going to attach the Log file and the material.


UPDATE #1: I have found that using  hashtags '#' for naming the files may be causing this errors.

UPDATE #2: I could go away with changing the hashtag with underscore '_' after publishing it.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Symmetry offset
 on: August 07, 2017, 10:49:50 pm 
Hi, I'm fairly new to SP and I'm pretty amazed of how wonderful it is. And I recently found that I can paint with symmetry too, I was wondering if there's an option to offset the symmetry line since my mesh seems to be asymmetric. Cheers!

Hi, I was trying to replicate a SSS material like the tutorial below, but I'd like to know if there's anyway to fake it using the transmissive map output option, instead of an emissive output.

I wonder if it would be the exact same thing or is there another solution for this? I'm looking to make a plastic material with subsurface scattering. Regards.

Hi, I just bought the substance pack in this sale, which for me was a fantastic offer! Pretty grateful about that, although I just figured that I can only download free materials in substance source.

I think it would be a great idea to include maybe some credits to download some materials, that would be pretty cool, since we're putting the money forward which gives you more liquidity (financially speaking). No complains whatsoever, it would just be cooler.

Also I don't know if you could help me to download the Glossy Vinyl material from MAT's contest because I was very dumb and deleted the file while I was cleaning my desktop's files XD. And since I downloaded the pack from substance share, it was not saved on My Downloads section. My entry was a pinky camouflaged Mat.

Thanks again, and I like to congratulate you for developing such cool software that I know it will ease my workflow and learning curve. Keep the good work!

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