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Hello everyone,

I have been using Substance Designer for a while with no issue, as well as being able to import substance files into the Unreal Engine using the plugin with no issue.  Yesterday when I tried to import a substance file into the engine the maps would import as white texture maps.  Then when I re loaded substance designer,  it wasn't rendering my nodes for the thumbnail preview and getting stuck trying to render them.  I then would have to force close substance because it would continue to run in the background.  So I tried contacting our IT team to disable their firewall and antivirus and then ran the software to no avail.  I uninstalled substance and reinstalled and still the same issue.  Again Substance has been working perfectly for me and I have been importing my sbsar files into Unreal just fine. (Even a few minutes before this issue)  I attached my log file and a screenshot as well.  Thanks for your help everyone!


I have been using Substance for a while with no issue at all and then yesterday when I tried to import a substance file into the Unreal Engine,  it wouldn't load the map properly.  Afterwords, I opened Substance to see what the issue was and now none of my nodes will render on any of my files.  When I shut down the software it gets hung up in the background and I have to force close it every time.  I troubleshot the issue with our IT team and I had them shut down the firewall to see if that was the issue to no avail.  I updated substance designer from spring to summer and still the same issue.  I uninstalled and reinstalled and still same issue.  Again,  the software was working perfectly fine for me a few days ago.  This all started when I tried to import a substance file into UE4.  Thanks for your help


I just installed SD6 and I'm using the trial to research and implement SD into our 3D pipeline, but I'm having a lot of issues.  I cant see any thumbnails in the Generators - Noise tabs,  and if I try to drag one of them into the graph,  my machine just locks up and I cant even bring up the task manager.  Even if I open SD and close it right after,  I cant open the start menu, or any folders on my desktop and I have to force shut down. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling yesterday to no avail. We run an NVIDIA Quadro 6000 and have 64G of ram. I cant really test anything because every time I open SD I end up having to force shut down my machine.  I cant even export a log file.  It just locks up. Thanks for your help!

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