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Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Stylized Bricks
 on: October 05, 2018, 12:57:08 am 
Hi everyone!

I've recently "finished" my new brick material that I'm going to use for a future project. I've been trying to soak up as much information as possible by buying different materials on Gumroad, different tutorials, etc. So if you have any tips/tricks/critiques I would love to hear it!

As for the material itself, I'm going for a stylized look that still has aspects of realism, and will still use all the regular maps of a PBR workflow.

Hi all,

I recently been getting into learning to bake my high to low polys, and then I'm using substance painter to texture the low poly. I am having some problems with my cylinder baking, but that is another issue (unless that's my problem here lol).

I am just using a metal material, then using a rust material on top of that with a smart mask. When I export the texture at 2k it's very pixelated up close. It's fine at 4k, but I feel like I am doing something wrong, because I don't think games have every asset at 4k. (Also the textures are different on the 2, as I tried to redo it and fix. The setup was identical though)

I'm very new to the whole baking and maps part, so there may be something obvious I am missing D:

I modeled and unwrapped the item in Maya, high poly in Zbrush, baked in Marmoset, and textured in SP. After the textures I exported to Marmoset to my model.


Hi everyone,

I've recently started using Substance Designer, and I was curious where it would fit into the pipeline of production (mine specifically)

Currently I have Zbrush, Modo, and will have the indie live for SP and SD.

So I get the main idea of it, but just wanting to make sure I see its full potential.

Zbrush- Organic Modeling
Modo- Hard Surface and Rendering (currently can't afford another render software)
Substance Painter- Textures for models
Substance Designer- Tileable geometry/textures and large scale textures?

As an example, do I use SD to generate the textures and mesh detail for mountains, instead of sculpting them all? If so, is there anything else SD is primarily used for in a production pipeline?

Sorry for the wall of text, just wanting to really figure out where SD fits in. I'm really enjoying learning it, and just wanting to make sure this is something I could bring with me to different studios, etc.


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