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I'm trying to add additional maps (through the User channels) to be able to export a partially grayscaled version of the diffuse map (with the rest of it still being in color), but I'm running into several issues trying to achieve this.

-The User channels seem to be always in Linear color space, even when they're set to RGB, or so it looks anyway. I can counter this by adding levels effects to every single layer set to 2.2, affecting only the User channel... but it makes the layer overview noisy and confusing.

-The 'diffuse hsl' substance effect only works on the Base Color channel, even tho you can set the channels it should affect in the properties, so I can't use that to turn single layers into a grayscale in a User channel.

-Making a fill layer filled with gray and setting it to 'Color' or 'Saturation' and putting it on top of the layers you want grayscaled doesn't work as expected. The result is a grayscale that is a lot brighter than the colored version.

There might be a simple solution, but I'm running out of ideas I can think of :/

First of all, thanks for all the updates lately, some of them were sooo welcome :)

I've noticed that the clean project feature cleans the lists in painter but doesn't delete the actual files from the project folder, leaving the folders still bloated.

While resaving the cleaned project under a new name fixes this, I imagine the clean up is still WIP and in the end we won't have to resave the project under a new name each time ?

As the title says, when you open a project in painter, all the layer groups are expanded by default and the first thing people here seem to do with them is close them by hand 1 by hand.

It would be nice to have painter either remember the state of layer groups or load them up as tidy as possible (closed)... or have a button at the top to collapse / expand all groups.

Small fries, quality of life stuff :)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Changelist ?
 on: July 23, 2014, 07:29:05 pm 
Just wanted to ask if there's a changelist someplace where we can see the changes in new builds ?

Most of the metal stencil materials look very lowres in the last build. Using effects like chipping paint on some of them will show you quick what I mean, if filling a fill layer with them is not enough.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Thank you!
 on: July 18, 2014, 05:55:35 pm 
...for adding the ability to swap out the AO, curvature etc maps on a document level in the latest build !!

If file management came soon after this, it would be like Christmas  ::)


Right now I can apply a levels effect the a layer but I can't find a way to apply it to a whole layer stack or group.
As soon as I do this, the levels controls don't really work mostly... and it would be nice if they did.

Don't necessarily need adjustment layers like in PS, just the ability to apply the levels effect on a group or its mask and have it affect properly all the layers and sub groups inside.

From what I can tell the meshes are resaved as a .dae file currently in one of the project folders

It would be nice to have the option to store/backup a copy of the original mesh file automatically inside one of the folders.
This would be useful within a pipeline where finished assets and working files are checked into Perforce or otherwise get a backup.

If someone else down the road needs to resuscitate and tweak the final prop, they'd have the model stored in the painter folders and can just re export the texture maps as needed.


Was wondering if the UV bleeding created on export was still being worked on ?
With the current bleed approach it's common to get UV seams whenever a UV edge doesn't end exactly on top of a pixel, which is all the time.

Also, I'm still a bit unclear on whether painter will allow again to swap out meshes without losing any of the layers, so the layers and effects can be applied to several meshes. With the newest version, this seems no longer possible and I'm not sure whether this is a bug or if it works as intended with the new material ID features.


As our studio is switching to a PBR pipeline I've started looking at the best (and simpliest) way to implement this without having to rewire all our artists too much. Relying on a team of artists to continually and manually do something in a technically and qualitatively consistent fashion is time consuming and requires a lot of supervision.

I've gone as far as creating material groups in PS for everything we do, that if fed with an occlusion map or ideally a curvature map will automatically chip paint, scratch metal etc like substances do and output the proper diffuse and spec maps. This has sped up texturing and consistency a lot in the last few years, but with PBR and tools like substance painter, it would be nice to have something less archaic and more automated.

I've been trying Painter and love it, and all the things it could do for productivity are kinda floating around my head, just had a few questions and concerns that hopefully someone has some thoughts on:

Is there or will be a way or coming features that would allow quick texturing of several assets that use the same color scheme/material ?

For example, imagine you have 5 scifi crates, all different unique meshes and UVs but all being textured with the same color scheme and materials.
I see 2 ways of going through this:

1. We have a set of substances for the different materials and the artists can just bring them in and use them. This is great because each art style can have its own group of substances and the results across the team will always be consistent.
The problem with this: Painter doesn't allow you to make substances (yet?) and while Designer offers a lot of great features, it wouldn't really fit into our pipeline at this point. Plus there's the price difference and I think it would overwhelm some artists.
While we could just get a copy or 2 of Designer for me and someone else to make the substances ahead, it still feels like I should be able to do this to some extent from within Painter and be able to share them with the team. Consistency and not having them have to redo the same steps each time is important.

2. The other approach would be by going the same route we have now with the PSDs I've setup that have the available material groups and effects for people to use.
I could setup some base project files with all the different available materials in layer groups, with effects etc as they should be applied by default and then artists could just replace the project's mesh, AO, normal, curvature, masks and other maps with the ones from their current prop.
The problem with this: I can't just right click an image/map in the textures preview window and replace it, like MODO would allow you to do. The whole import process seems a bit unnecessary and once I have the images in painter, I still can't see an easy way to use them to replace the current maps (?).

Otherwise, this approach would be pretty good actually... replace the Ao etc maps and the current 'blue paint' and other masks with yours and you'd be 70% done in 2 minutes. Then paint some detail from there.
I imagine there would have to be a button or something to refresh/recompute all the substance effects etc after switching out all the maps.

As for masks, right now I need to bake a B/W mask from each color/material in the prop (we usually color code the hipolys and bake the colors down into 1 image for easy masking in PS).
DDO allows you to use these colors as masks and will even remember what color was assigned to what material which is very efficient and comfortable as opposed to having to bake 3-5 separate B/W masks.

A feature that allows you to pick a color range (from a baked colored mask) and use that as an alpha mask, would be awesome... think Magic wand or color range selections in PS.

Aaand I think that's all, loving painter, thanks for reading.

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