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Hello, my name is Agape Paul Marundan (just call me Paul) and welcome to my WIP space for my X-TAON Art Car contest submission. Even though I wrote this post today, I had been working on the project for a few days and now i believe it is at a stage where I can show the work.

I present to you: Apollo Lightning Masquerade (WIP)

[1280x720, 500 samples]

It is still work in progress. There are some things that needs work such as adding race car number, sponsor decals, license plates and tweaks to the colours.

The theme behind this is “lightning & thunder” and a bit of astronomy inspiration. Where blue represents the rain (and the outer space). Yellow and chrome represents the lightning and shooting stars that flashes the night sky. Lastly, black represents the dark rain clouds or a black hole in space that devours everything in its path.

The idea behind this design is to create an aggressive but yet elegant look where the shape and colours turn this cute car into a fierce racing competitor. The design style is Japanese but also European. The art must also be dynamic, that means the appearance of the car changes as it moves around its environment (i.e. like a lightning), see the comparison below:

[Studio Neutral]

[Bonifacio Street] (Note the changes in colour tone, metallic and glossiness)

More breakdowns and explanation of my work will be published here and at my ArtStation page (coming soon), this is just a small sneak peek before completion.

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