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When you export a mesh in painter into a path that isn't ascii, then the export fails. Example:

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[Mesh Exporter] Failed to export obj mesh file. could not open output .obj file: C:/löschbar/Untitled.obj
In this case the path contained a german umlaut (löschbar means deletable). It exports fine into ascii paths.

I'm using Substance Link with Unity in order to paint on a model I bought. In Substance Painter I get this error:

[Plugin - unity-link] Material is not correctly linked with Unity

Any idea what it means and how to prevent it? In Unity the original materials are okay in the viewer. I even created a new material and assigned it to the mesh, same error. What is the requirement for linking a material correctly with Unity?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Favorites
 on: November 10, 2017, 12:04:22 am 
Is it possible to have favorites in substance painter, e. g. tag some materials with a special flag and find them using that flag? I really don't want to create a shelf for that and duplicate materials.

First: The SP Unity SP Plugin is awesome ;D

Bug: I created a .blend file in the Unity asset folder. Unity auto-imported it using the "under the hood fbx converter":

The Send to Substance Painter menu item was active on the model, so I pressed it. However, that doesn't work, it just crashes SP. It works just fine with .fbx files. So maybe you should disable it, better yet would be if that could work, if possible at all :)

Feature request: Would it be possible to put the unitypackage of the SP Unity Link Plugin on the Unity Asset Store? It would be super convenient to import it from there.

I guess I know the answers already, however I thought I mention it in case they might still get addressed.

It would be great if you could store the panel positions or dimensions. Example: when you load a new file you have to bake the textures. However the textures settings panel is very small and has a scrollbar while the layers panel which is on top of it is very large and empty. Now you have to scroll down to the bake textures button in order to reach it.

As an alternative it would also be possible to bake everything in or after you hit "ok" in the "new project" dialog.

When I scroll through the alphas (I have about 800) the thumbnail information is lost all the time. Even after the thumbnails were already loaded once. No matter if I scroll up or down, I get a big plane of circular arrows. A few seconds later it loads the alpha thumbnails. All the time. When I scroll down and up again, that information is lost. And that even on an SSD.

This happens in SP 2017.1.0

Every time I start SP it analyzes the assets (alphas, materials, smart materials, etc) over and over again. All of them. I'm not familiar with the details behind that, but I assume the asset data itself would only be needed once you use it? Would it be possible to simply cache all the analyzed assets as thumbnails and only load them once they are being used?

I bought lots of alphas recently and now it takes quite a while until SP is finished with the scanning of them when I start it.

It's also very irritating that once you think it's finished you try to click on something and all of a sudden the whole shelf content changes because it still wasn't done loading.

When I scroll through the alphas (I have about 800) the thumbnail information is lost all the time. Even after the thumbnails were already loaded once. No matter if I scroll up or down, I get a big plane of circular arrows. A second later it loads the alpha thumbnails. All the time. When I scroll down and up again, that information is lost and I'm back at circular arrows. And that even on an SSD.

This happens with SP 2017.1.0.

As a follow-up to the question here:

a few suggestions:

* A quick button next to the spacing value to set it to 100 would be handy.

* Stitching the alpha images one after the other depending not on the real image size, but on the bounds that are determined by all the pixels that aren't transparency values.

* And while in straight line painting mode it could come in very handy to show the full preview of all the alphas that are drawn along the line, not only the destination alpha. Otherwise currently it's just trial and error to stitch alphas one after the other.

* Also this sine wave brush preview ("Properties - Paint" panel) doesn't make any sense at all, at least not to me. I can't see any purpose of it, especially when the size changes in the preview. Having an option to preview the brush strokes as a straight line would be great.

* Absolute number of alphas that are drawn along the line. If you implement that, changing that absolute number via mouse wheel while drawing the line would be helpful.

Thank you very much for your consideration!  :)

I have a cylinder and want to fill its surface with an alpha pattern. But the pattern should be stitched, i. e. one image should be exactly after the other. Is there an automatism for that?

I know there's e. g. the "draw straight lines" option. But for that I have to use spacing and the subsequent alphas usually overlap or you see separation.

There are already 232 Smart Materials available in Substance Share. Is there a conventient way to get them all?

Honestly, who wouldn't want them all on their local hard drive, especially when all you get from within Substance Painter is an inconvenient link to the Substance Share website, i. e. there's no direct integration.

Please provide support for downloading multiple files at once or the entire archive or at least categories as archive. Speaking of which: Is there a limit about how many substances one can download?

Please allow the option to flip an alpha / image horizontally and / or vertically.

If you require a physical image, please allow the creation of such a flipped image via context menu.

This should be rather trivial and saves time by not having to deal with an external application.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

How do I flip an alpha horizontally and / or vertically?

Also, what's the best way to search for that kind of operation? I haven't found an option for that in the documentation.

My model seems to be used with wrong normals in substance painter. Here's an image

left = blender, showing normals
middle = substance painter editor window, the blue arrows show the problem; you can see through, it's as if the back of the model is used instead of the front; also, painting is applied to the back, not the front
right = substance painter render, here everything seems to be okay

Also exporting the textures works. The bug is in the editor window, which makes it very hard to edit the model. It also seems to be model related, my other models don't have that problem.

Does anyone know what's happening and how to fix this?

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