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Do people have performance issues after the Intel/Windows updates&patches for Meltdown and Spectre?

I'm seeing increased baking times and I/O with Painter, specially with larger files :(



When using predefined materials, one can often only change values like hue, saturation, luminosity and contrast.
Color values cannot be changed with a color picker.
When using the 'pbr metal_rough_validate' filter, this will result in materials looking a lot lighter to get 'out of the red'.
Especially for roughness values.

e.g. a 'basic aluminium' will be correct value wise, but a 'oxidized aluminium' will only be 'in the green' with a higher Luminosity. Which will result in a different, much lighter material look.

Is this a limitation of these shaders, or can one keep the look of the material more or less the same, but keep the validate in check?

Thanks for any tips!


Content - Substance Source - Substance Source question
 on: October 02, 2017, 10:10:54 am 

I've looked into Substance Source and the licensing, but do I understand correctly that you can only access SS when you have a monthly sub?
So if I buy a non-sub Indy license, I cannot access SS for materials?

cheers for any answers to clear this up, as both FAQ on SP and SS aren't entirely clear to me on this.


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