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Hey there,  :)
I`ve just exported my 4k-textures form SP to Unity. I am sure, that they are 4k (I`ve checked it in the folder--> the properties says it`s a 4k-texture with 19 MB.
But in Unity the same texture appear as 2k (with 2 MB)   >:(

Does somebody know this problem and how to solve it   ;D

Hey there,

I`ve exported my textures from SP to Unity and now I had tried to apply them on my mesh with a material. Everything seems to be perfectly except the color of my diffusetexture. It`s looking very desaturated, a bit more grey.   ::)

Does somebody know a solution for this annoying problem? (Note: I did this various times with various models and I always had ascertained that the exportresolution is 4k)

Thanks in advance!  :D

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