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Can someone tell me why Cropping Area parameters in blend node do not work when exposed? They do not exist in SBSAR when I export them. here s the pic

Hi all!

I have a problem with SBSAR when imported to Unity 3D. My normal map looks green ?!? In SD everything is ok but for some reason Unity shows the blue channel of the normal map as BLACK. It s not the open GL problem since that is influencing only the green channel ( i tried that just in case) so I dont know what is then. I only know that in earlier versions of Unity/SD plugin there were no such problems. Can you help me?


I am trying to make pixel processor draw a line between two points. I was inspired by the gradient axial node where I noticed that it basically creates a gradient between two points and later by the shape extrude node which has a fx map to do most of the job(and is really slow to compute). I am still new in the whole programming logic so I am trying to understand how it works.  Also, if moderator allows it,  can anyone recommend me any good tutorial course school or something for working with fx nodes, pixel processors and the like specifically or with programming in general?


I was wandering how can I make a pixel processor node that samples border pixels and propagates them across whole map? For example, it samples pixels on a given cell size, like border left pixels 1x parent resolution, and distributes those values across whole map just like you would try to do it with stretching border values of some map?

Is it possible to move the pivot of a transform 2D node by using functions? I am trying to make something scale from side not from center and I want to do it automatically when I type some parametres

I tried to decipher what is wrong with this sbsar file which I made but to no avail. All that I found based on randomly disabling the outputs is that it has something to do with the height channel but I do not know what. I think this is a bug because there is nothing special about the nodes that I used. It is worth mentioning also that this sbsar WAS working when I tested it some time ago and now it does not. I am attaching my SBS file

Is there any way to make a gradient variation for each of the shapes from custom pattern or something similar without the use of Flood Fill nodes? I need a way to make the sbsar which is able to to that so I can use it in Unity 3D

Is there any chance that you can release all smart materials in sbs formats or sbsar since many of them are created in SD?

Someone who worked on Substance Painter realized that in order to bake some mesh by matching their names with suffixes people may actually need to set their suffixes like they want to. If you think that by giving the 'match by name' option in Substance Designer without giving the option to actually change the naming suffix  of those meshes is enough for four and more versions of SD, BRAVO! So if you want to use that option in SD you need one of three things :
1 - to be a psychic and using your special powers deduct that the logical suffix for the every low poly mesh in the whole universe is _low and for the other one _high because that is simply the way the universe works and nobody has the right to change it ever!
2 - to spend hours searching on the internet and finding only other desperate people crying for help and reporting a bug with and every time you deny it
3 - to actually have both SD and SP and deduct that maybe those default  suffixes from SP are the only possible ones in SD and start renaming  every single mesh asset
And yeah, congratulations on your new SD version I only hope that by the year 2020 you will include the option to change that suffix name

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 on: January 05, 2018, 04:16:22 pm 
Hi guys,
this is my first post so please be gentle :)
I wasted almost a month trying to make this effect:

Tried everything that I could think of and frankly I am spent :( I am attaching my scrap book file also. It contains some of the (failed) experiments. The experiment 02 shows promise but I am stuck with the smaller cracks branching and bulges around it
This file also contains a fx-map that i made, it is not 100% completed but it gives you an option to distribute shapes based on a mask with some randomness. Feel free to use it, enhance it or whatever

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