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In the Atlas Splitter node, Auto crop works erratically.
- I have one atlas texture feeding 4 atlas splitter nodes. Each one selects a different element.
- There are 2 elements in the atlas, with similiar size.
-  When I activate the auto crop in all the 4 nodes, only one of those 2 is croped, but not always the same... When I close and open the project, the croped one may be different.

As you can see in the image, in this case the green one is being croped... If i close the project and reopen it, may be the same or may be the white the one wich is being croped. The other 2 nodes are never being croped (they are selecting smaller elements from the image).

Sometimes we need to make some adjustments to several layers. After each adjustment, SP re-process (re-render) the full texture, slowing down the pc. Would be possible to click some icon to stop  that process, make all the adjusments needed in al the layers, and then click again to start the process?

(The same would be useful in SD).


I have a big problem with several files, where the masks become crazy, wheter I used color selection and/or polygon fill to define them. I have to reselect colors, or delete polygons and paint them again over and over, and when finally it seems to work, the exported texture is wrong anyway. This is a rectangular texture as example, but happens on square textures as well.
This is what I (finally!) get in the project:

And this is the exported texture:

I have found several threads related:,27729.msg108429/highlight,masks.html#msg108429,28836.msg112019/highlight,masks.html#msg112019,27591.msg107884/highlight,polygon+fill.html#msg107884

Disabling "Hardware support acceleration" makes no difference for me.  I'm using 2018.3.1

Please, some help, because at this point SP is becoming useless for me (and probably for other people too).


I have Substance Painter 2018.3.1 and the same issue than in this old post:,7433.msg35676/highlight,how+to+use+mask+from+designer.html#msg35676

Any solution?

I wonder why SP can become so slow (some times even when I'm using only one material that runs o.k. in Substance Desinger)... Some times the red bar takes ages to fill... What is weird, is that CPU, GPU & memory are around 50% on usage...

(4790k, GTX1080, 16 Gb, windows 10, SP 2017.3).

Someone else having this issues?

As the subject says, I can't dissable channels on layers. I can click and disable the icons, but the list is still there, and paint on all the channels. Here I have enabled only normal, but you can see all the other channels (2017.2.0). Also can't disable the alpha in the brush:


If I set Self Occlusion to "Always", it won't happen, at least "Match" is set to "always" in the common parameters. AO settings should override the common settings, right? (2017.2.0)


I would appreciate some help here, please.

- I have a substance made in SD. Looks perfect in the viewport, and normal map exported from SD looks o.k.

- Imported .sbsar in SP. I have artifacts.

- When I cycle trough channels, normal map looks o.k., but " normal + heigth + base normal " have this artifacts.

- (No baked maps, the mesh is just a plane).

I'm planning on upgrading my PC. How do I need to proceed to transfer my licenses? (both, substance painter and designer). Sorry if this have been asked before... I already searched for an answer, without luck.

Thanks in advance!

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Thanks, thanks, thanks!
 on: November 08, 2016, 01:51:38 am 
We user use to ask for it, ask for that... question about this, question about that, but we never thank enough.

"You’re receiving this mail because you purchased Substance Designer 5, and we have some good news for you!"
"That means you can download 60 assets from Substance Source"

No one, nor two... 60!

" 2.4.  [Shelf] New interface to browse ressources (tree-view, filters and so on)"

Always improving this already great software!

"How would you rate the support you received?"

Great! Always great support.

I know it is your job, guys, but I can see you do it with love and passion!

For all this, and in advance for all that might be coming, thanks a lot!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Instanced meshes.
 on: August 24, 2016, 06:00:58 am 
Baking instanced meshes.

I have searched over the forum and havent find any topic about this, and although I have made some tests, is not fully clear to me.

I understand that when we have copies of a mesh, we need to keep just one uv island and move the rest to the same location+1... But what about instanced meshes?

Let's say I have a big surface with many small instanced meshes over it, and I need to export all of them because I need the AO they generate over the big surface.

As each instance will be named differently, lets say object_low, object_low.001, object_low.002, etc., do I need a corresponding high poly insance for each? Just one for the first?

Thanks in advance!


As is suggested here:

I downloaded some generators to add the triplanar node to them. I had no problems, for example, with the "", but for the "" I had the same problems commented in the previous link:

     Substance Cooker 5.2.5 build 17162 (Jan  4 2016)
          Found default packages at: C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer/5/resources/packages
     Front End...
ERR: Cannot find outputs to cook
     Back End...
ERR: Cooking fail [Error 13]

So I made the same test: try to publish the generator without any modifications, and it still fails.

What could I do?

Thanks in advance!


I could use some advice.

- A normal map baked in Blender and used in Substance Painter works o.k. (after setting this as OpenGL).

- But a normal map baked in SP, won't work in Blender...  ???


Is it possible that the current state of the normal map may be considered by the generators?

For example, if I use a "metal edge wear" it gets applied on de edges of detail baked from the high poly, existent in the world space normal map it is using.

If I paint extra bump details, is there a way to include this detail in the generator?


Just installed SP the last build. Now there are some values (like roughness, metallic, reflection, etc.) thad I can change moving the slider, but not typing the value: I click the pencil, type the value, hit enter, but the previous value remain.

(I can change other variables like UV rotation, hardness, etc., without problem, wether moving the slider or typing the value).

Thank you in advance!

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