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Missed out on this last time round so I had to get in on this one. Could only spare 2 days on this so have to call it finished(besides the final renders)There are quite a few Chinese themed entries so best to put mine in........ Had a lot of fun with this. Never used displacements at all in SP so this was a great opportunity to experiment. I won't give up on Zbrush just yet though. :D

Best of luck to everyone. There are some terrific entries and the creativity on display is pretty incredible. Being forced to work under such restrictions has led to some truly wonderful characters.

This was a project I did last weekend.

The goal: create an animated character from scratch, from a single concept image to in-game(UE4), in 3 days.

Day 1 - sculpting in Zbrush(high-poly creation)

Day 2 - retopo/UVs/map baking/texturing

Day 3 - rigging(CatRig)/skinning/animation/in-game

Some breakdowns to follow.....

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - WXS-07 'Depopulator'
 on: May 03, 2016, 02:10:15 pm 
Hello community.... :) First post.

I began this project with 2 goals in mind: 1 -completely model a hard-surface character in Zbrush without falling back on the old 3dsMax crutch; 2 -use Substance Painter for every single material whilst texturing 47 different high-poly decimated parts(plus environment elements) with the final output being the Vray renderer utilising SP's Vray preset.

I believe I achieved both goals, and because Substance Painter made the texturing process extremely efficient, for me, the texturing was a success. In the past using older workflows texturing a character like this would have been a massive undertaking for a personal project -as I didn't want to just render passes and 'cheat' in PS by painting over the renders - I wanted to completely texture the entire character as if it were a production asset.

Original concept sketch by Jared Marantz.

I'm just going to post SP specific breakdown pics here but the full breakdown of my process can be found on the Polycount forums, if anybody is interested.

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