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As it has been 4 days since I've emailed Allegorithmic with a request to delete/remove all my personal information (request number 101130) as per Allegorithmic's Privacy Policy and I still find my account active and information intact, I shall reiterate here the same request. I've also just sent a contact message as well and with that, I will simply paste that same request here:

"I've sent Allegorithmic an email to exercise my right to have my personal information, account information, purchase information, and so on completely deleted. This was on the 5th of November. It is now the 9th of November and I find that my account is still active.

In my initial email, I sent a copy of my government issued ID (driver's license) along with my request as per the instructions laid out in Allegorithmic's Privacy Policy. My request has not been fulfilled.

I demand that you complete my request to have my information expunged from all services, databases, and any other form of record keeping as per your company's Privacy Policy immediately."

I will no long be a customer to a company that supports the horrible anti-consumer policies of Adobe.

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