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I am running into a "similar", though perhaps inverse, problem with the new metallic maps out of Painter to be plugged into the metallic slot in the VrayMtl in Maya.  I have dulled the reflection of most of my metal objects in Painter (for a sense of age), but when I plug in the (very white) metallic maps that are generated using the Vray template, it makes all the metals appear incredibly reflective when rendered in V-ray.

I am tempted to go back a few versions in Painter and re-use the old workflow with the reflection glossiness and IOR maps, etc. but that would mean also going back in Vray versions as well.

Am I doing something wrong?  Why are the metallic maps of metals coming out pure white from Painter, if -- in Painter -- I am dulling their reflectivity by increasing roughness, etc...

When I decrease the exposure of these maps in Photoshop, I can get close to what I had in Painter, but not exactly and that can add to a time-consuming process.

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