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Hi all!

I've got a weird problem that I've not come across before. When viewing a project in SP it looks fine. But when exporting, the texture gets all jumbled up. I've removed the material that is getting messed up, and just made a generic fill to see if it was the geo and UV's and the new material worked fine. Has anyone come across a material not exporting correctly? I've attached a image of what it looks like in painter, and the map it's exporting.

I was just replying to this in case you didn't know there is a UV Border Distance generator now. Works like a charm for what you were asking for.



I have a weird problem. I'm using the synthetic non-woven material from Substance Source and I'm getting weird bluring on the tile edges. I've not run into this before. I've uploading images of the material just being applied to a grid. The seams are showing up in Iray and in the display port.

Any help on this would be awesome! thanks!

2019.1.2 Build 3072

I'm trying to setup a project with multiple UDIMs and when I import into Substance painter, I only get on texture set, but you can see the multiple UDIM's displayed correctly. Any ideas on this? I'm kinda stuck. I've used OBJ, and FBX and same result. Please help!

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