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I saw somewhere in the forums that such a thing is allowed if you edit their textures in some way, but I wanted to post this thread to make sure and know a little more details. Let's say that I model a chair and texture it with wood texture. The texture will have the UVs shape so I guess that counts as being edited. Can I sell that model where I pick to sell it? Thanks in advance!

I have just 2 payments left in my account and I would like to pay in full with alternate payment method that's not in my account. I see no options for none of those, pay in full or change payment method. How can I do what I want? I live in the USA and tried to contact California location by phone, but nobody answered. I guess that's because today is Saturday. Thanks in advance!

So basically from my understanding it can be done if I use those files as base to create my own substances? Am I right? This is great news. I can even use Gametextures files to sculpt in Blender. Pretty awesome, thanks!

The title says it all. I plan to build some models with Blender and texture them with files from Substance Share to sell them later in Unity's Asset Store. Is that allowed?

Oh and I'm also unable to open spsm files.

Basically any sbar file. The sbs files I can open.

I've been trying to open some Substances from Share but I always get the same error: "No importer found" with Designer, Painter and Player. Any ideas about a solution?

I'm working in a sidewalk texture and I'm trying to view my progress in the 3D view but for some reason the texture is not showing. Any ideas about what could it be?

What I want to do is turn my normal map into a round sidewalk texture with edge damage, indents, crevices and a little bit of stains and dirt. I'm following a tutorial I found on Youtube where the author teaches how to build a stone brick texture with the brick generator as base. I'm following that tutorial and so far I have a nice heightmap and normal, but the problem is that I need to turn that stone brick texture into a round sidewalk. The brick generator don't provide a way to make a round 1/4 of a circle base brick so I modeled a high poly mesh in Blender and baked the base normal.

The problem is that I need a way to turn it into a grayscale similar to the base image of the bricks like in the tutorial that I'm following. I saw another tutorial where the author turned a normal into a curvature map and used it as a base for his texture, but the video was deleted and I have no reference about how to do that anymore. Anyway, I guess that in this forums somebody should know how to turn a normal map into a base texture for edge damage, etc... so I came here for advise.

I'm including a pic of my normal map and also the normal map applied to my low poly mesh:

This is my normal map. As you can see is the base of a round sidewalk corner with no edge damage or wear yet. I want to use it as base for my texture but I need a way to turn it into a grayscale or something similar. I don't know how to do that so I need help.

Here is my low poly mesh with the base normal applied.

If somebody know an alternate way to make a round sidewalk texture I would like to hear it as well. Thanks for your help!

Hello guys. I'm a newbie trying to establish my workflow and I would like to use Blender for modeling, Substance for texturing and then import everything into Unity. I'm trying to build a simple road network and I already know a little of those 3 tools, but I need a little help about how to turn a normal map into a complete substance. What I want to do is model the low poly geometry in Blender, then build a high poly version of the low poly with the subsurface modifier, bake the normal map and import that into Substance Designer. I already watched a video giving me a little bit of info, but the video was deleted and I've searched for hours and found nothing similar so I came here o ask.

I remember a little bit about the video and I know that I need to turn the normal map into a curvature map because that's what I plan to use to build what will be the concrete slabs that will conform my sidewalk. The thing is that I have no idea about how to do that and I need a little help with that. If somebody knows a better alternative I would like to hear it as well. Thanks in advance for any help.

I have a 90° round plane that I divided into 4 segments and I intend to turn into a round sidewalk texture. I need some help to complete the task and the first thing I need is a curvature map. Can I bake it from the low poly mesh? If yes, how do I do it? Thanks in advance.

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