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Hi Wes,
yes "sRGB Color Space" was unchecked. There's a lot more glossiness if it's checked on.
Thanks anyway!

fyi, the same is true for the "Military Soldier"-Moodpack. Got an file without extension and had to figure out what to do with it...

Hi Fabian,
yes, I tried 0.75 here. Indeed, if I had it at 0.5 (or even 0.0) the glossiness on the sides (which kind of looks like rim-light-shading) vanished a little, but the overall visual impact on surfaces the viewer is looking directly isn't really much influenced.
But, after your post, I had a look on the "Horizon Occlusion" - Parameter (Reflection>GGX). (You are writing to use the GGX-Model, which inded gives the best results for me too)
If i set this parameter to 0.0 too, then (in combination with a lower horizon smoothing value) it looks noticable less glossy (see Screenshot)!

It's still not perfect, some materials like the wooden particle-board-material on the ground for example, are still quite glossy. But maybe that's something one has to live with when converting from one engine to another. (Except you or someone else still has another better idea of course  ;) )

As a test I tried to lighten the roughness map in Photoshop, and partially (on some materials) it gives me really good results, but this probably isn't a recommended workflow ;-)

Thank you!

I followed Fabians guide ( and besides from Glossiness it works perfect, thanks Fabian!
But unfortunatly, all Surfaces are much to glossy in Toolbag 2
Does anyone have any ideas?

No, I didn't make a copy before I edited the presets. I assumed the original presets are read-only (which is true for most other software packages I know) or easy to restore. I know better now of course ;-)

Thanks jeffglobalmedic, thats very kind. But don't worry, I arranged myself for my current project by making my own setup.
I'm not quite sure which one I changed, thats why I want to reset them to be sure and not run into problems some day.

I don't want to change anything as long as I'm working on that, but after that I think I'll try the following:
If it's true whats written here ( , that the whole shelf/allegorithmic-folder is restored after it's deleted, then I think I'll try to make a backup of my current folder, delete the original, let it be restored, and then replace everyting in there by my copy except the export presets...

Well a reinstall should reset ALL Presets I would assume. I don't want that of course, I was asking for a way to only reset the export presets.

Content - Substance Share - Binary files on the Server?
 on: March 09, 2016, 07:48:40 pm 
For a few months now I noticed that some of the files in Substance Share are linked as text files, not as binary files, which can cause problems when downloading them. It took me a while to notice the problem and find out that you have to right click, save as and then rename the file.
This is a quite error-prone worklflow and the files are much larger then the would have to be. Can you save the files as binary files on the server?

By the way: I think the usability of Substance Share could be improved, it's very hard to keep yourself organized. Maybe you could think of better ways of intergrating the Share-Database in Painter? (just a suggestion).

how can I reset my export presets to default (only my export presets, nothing else)?
Here ( you wrote I could delete the folder 'C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\allegorithmic' to reset everything, but this doesn't seem to work if I delete only
'C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\allegorithmic\export-presets'. (The presets are not restored then).

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