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I see,... It's good to know the my futur projects! :D
For this one, I'll try to recover my texture from the ancient model.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Tanks for the answer.

Yes, I mean just click on it.

To be more precise, before re-importing, I painted my textures, and I decide to change some elements of my model. I deleted or moved some objects.
I re-imported my model, and, in the viewport the textures of the moved objects (the wooden mask) were still correctly projected. So I finished to paint the lasts elements of my models, and it's when I export my texture I saw the projection were different from the viewport.

I have an issue with texture projection: I re-imported my mesh, and, in the viewport, my texture set was correctly re-projected (left image). But if I try to export or open the texture set, the projection is broken (right image).

So, is it possible to recalculate the texture set projection from the projection I have in the viewport?

I'm not sure if I'm very clear^^ But thanks per advance for your answers!

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