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Thanks Galen.

I wasn't using a AO texture so this now makes sense, thank you.

I have noticed that when importing my texture files into Maya using the plugin, my baseColor gets connected to a MultiplyDivide node just before it connects to my Vray shader. The node is set to multiply, so what is the outColor being multiplied by?

Thanks for any help

So whats is the difference between having height or normal activated on the material?

Hi folks.
I have an issue with the colour picker for the 3D linear gradient Generator.
Once applied I get the default start and end colours but when I go to change them with the colour picker, it just doesn't work.
I change the viewport to show position map but no luck the picker colour just goes black when you try to select.

Can you confirm.
Latest build

When backing up to server we need to keep all associated content together, it would be nice to be able to set the location for the project at the beginning. OK I can export a .alch file but will the appdata folder start to swell with left over project data?

Substance Alchemist - Technical Support - Project locations?
 on: November 26, 2019, 12:45:15 pm 
I have created a project but where has it been saved?

When I open Alchemist and create a new project it doesn't ask where to save it, I need to save then in different locations.


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - TDR issue, again!
 on: August 27, 2019, 06:21:31 pm 
Hi folks.

I get the usual warning of TDR too low.
So I reset it, but within a day or 2 its back again so why does it get reset?


So is the "Substance in Maya" plugin, which comes with the Maya installation from Autodesk the same as the Substance plugin from Allegorithmic site?

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