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Basically, I think I've come to the conclusion that I need to revert back to 4.22 and replace all the mats (that predate 4.16) with new ones. Is there _any_ reasonably fast way to do this?

Was getting this error.
/Game/Materials/Textures/Substances/Stone/Beige_SandstoneMAT : Failed import for SubstanceTexture2D /Game/Materials/Textures/Substances/Stone/Beige_SandstoneINST_basecolor.Beige_SandstoneINST_basecolor Referenced by export MaterialExpressionTextureSampleParameter2D /Game/Materials/Textures/Substances/Stone/Beige_SandstoneMAT.Beige_Sandstone__MAT:MaterialExpressionTextureSampleParameter2D_0
Replaced the files in the project, via copying and pasting while Unreal was closed, with a newer version of the file, downloaded friday
That error went away, and now I have

Failed to load /Game/Materials/Stone/Beige_SandstoneINST_basecolor.Beige_SandstoneINST_basecolor Referenced by Beige_Sandstone__MAT
Failed to load /Game/Materials/Stone/Beige_SandstoneINST_basecolor.Beige_SandstoneINST_basecolor Referenced by Beige_SandstoneMAT
Failed to load /Game/Materials/Stone/Beige_SandstoneINST_normal.Beige_SandstoneINST_normal Referenced by Beige_SandstoneMAT
Failed to load /Game/Materials/Stone/Beige_SandstoneINST_roughness.Beige_SandstoneINST_roughness Referenced by Beige_SandstoneMAT
Failed to load /Game/Materials/Stone/Beige_SandstoneINST_metallic.Beige_SandstoneINST_metallic Referenced by Beige_SandstoneMAT

So, basically, we need a way to replace the substances _in_ the project with newer versions of the same substances. There are a _lot_ of references - in the one subproject I'm using as a test bed, there's over 1500 errors when I remove the folder, and that's not the heaviest one.

What's the best way to pull this off? Assume I've downloaded all the substances again and have new as of friday files but they're not organized the same.

Okay. So I've fixed most problems by the following technique:
I move one folder at a time to the project
I open unreal
It complains about substance graphs
I say yes
it does a lot of things, then crashes
I go into the folder, find everything that's been modified.
Delete the old files, rename the file_name1.uasset to file_name.uasset.
Re-open unreal
and it doesn't substance graph on those files again

But! we're now getting the following message:

 /Game/Materials/Textures/Substances/Metal/Aged_Scratched_Metal_MAT : Failed import for SubstanceTexture2D /Game/Materials/Textures/Substances/Metal/Aged_Scratched_Metal_INST_roughness.Aged_Scratched_Metal_INST_roughness Referenced by export MaterialExpressionTextureSampleParameter2D /Game/Materials/Textures/Substances/Metal/Aged_Scratched_Metal_MAT.Aged_Scratched_Metal_MAT:MaterialExpressionTextureSampleParameter2D_2

I mean a _lot_ of them, 900+

Our Substances are older than 4.16, yeah.

How do we fix this?

Wes McDermott just reached out to me from a request I put in before finding this thread - he gave me an email to send this to. I have done so, and sent him a sample pre-update material.
Can you reach him? No sense getting it going down two paths. I've notified him of this thread's existence.
I am 85% sure they're from Source.

I should also note that the crash happens with only one referenced material in the project - I kinda deleted all the rest as a test. (it was a copy of the project, I just did some destructive testing on it - removing all the materials let it open fine, putting any one back in caused the project to enter the failure mode.)


After updating recent substance plugin, many of my Unreal projects do have substance graphs, so the problem now is for each material it will recalculate these graphs, and well it makes unreal crash!after a while. if we don't go through this process none of my previous substance graphs or materials work out! its a waste! Being spent so much time, end result is this? its really a problem. Is there a solution for this or please let us know before updates are pushed and changes that are required. Because it just don't work out if the calculations take a long time and since there will be lot materials, its very difficult to maintain project. Is there any command line process so that we can run on background without opening the unreal?

Hey guys @juangauthier , @Cpt.Sloth1992 , @NotYetVisible , @RenderPub ,

We are currently tracking this issue. How many Substance files are in your projects? Are they large scale projects? Are they 'heavy' Substance files?

I'm currently attempting to repro this issue on my end, but any info or even repro projects / Substance files would be useful.

Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime! :(

Well, I can provide that, but it's about 50 gigs. How can I get it to you? (I'm working with GeeksGoneBad here.)

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