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I have a question concerning distribution of Licensee Content.
I understand that according to section 6.2 of Allegorithmic General Terms & Conditions I can redistribute my Licensee Content. I would like to be able to distribute content obtained from Alegorithmic as such after uploading it to the Unreal Engine.
In a nutshell, the process looks like this:

1.   I buy some content from Allegorithmic
2.   I upload it to the Unreal engine
3.   The content that I uploaded to the Unreal engine without any other changes, I send to my client. The file that I sent to the client can be opened only in Unreal Engine.
Can such content that is uploaded to Unreal Engine (no other changes in the content) and then sent to the client be treated as Licensee Content? So, can I redistribute it this way to my client?
Best regards,

S. Goldman

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