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will try that when I get the chance, and let you know!

Yes, I've done all of what both of you are saying above!
It is still black!

I do suspect that it has something to do with the light, all tho if a reset does not fix it, I am out of options for troubleshooting.


I've gotten into a problem regarding substance designer, where the mesh in 3D view is black. I can see the environment just fine, but both custom and SD base meshes are black.

I've tried reseting every tab in the 3D view, I've updated gpu drivers, I've deleted SD and installed it again, rebooted the computer, but nothing seem to work.

It was working fine early on yesterday, and then i adjusted the lighting (shift + right click), and suddenly it all went black. Googled the problem, but nothing.

Any suggestions?

I7 Skylake i6700k 4.0GHz
Asus Rog Poseidon 980gtx 6gb
64GB ram


So I have already spent several hours in the new upgrade for Substance Designer, and these are the issues I currently have encountered:

- When going to preferences > Project = SD crashes
- Custom Interface resets every time I reopen SD
- Bitmaps are overriding existing node linking

Note: Steam Version


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