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After updating recent substance plugin, many of my Unreal projects do have substance graphs, so the problem now is for each material it will recalculate these graphs, and well it makes unreal crash!after a while. if we don't go through this process none of my previous substance graphs or materials work out! its a waste! Being spent so much time, end result is this? its really a problem. Is there a solution for this or please let us know before updates are pushed and changes that are required. Because it just don't work out if the calculations take a long time and since there will be lot materials, its very difficult to maintain project. Is there any command line process so that we can run on background without opening the unreal?

Hey everyone,

In C++, how can I import a texture image (e.g. image1.jpeg or image1.png etc...) from disk as a SubstanceImageInput type object? I want to be able to pass this object as an input to a SubstanceGraphInstance's input image slot. Alternatively, in Blueprints, how can I import a texture image and cast that to a SubstanceImageInput type object?

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