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Hey! :),

I've had a look at the file you sent and I can see a couple of issue that might be the cause.

Your height maps are in 8 bits. It's better to work with 16bits files to avoid artifacts.

I'm also not sure about the way you plug the heightmap. The bump channel is there to add micro detail and I would be tempted to say you should leave it empty if you have the normal map plugged already. I don't even think sbsars spits out bump map.

I believe the height map needs to be plugged in the displacement pin. If you load a sbsar in max and choose the Substance to vray option you will see how the way it's pluging the map.

Try to reexport your maps from painter ticking the 16bit option on the top right, replug your material and let me know the result.

(sorry for the late reply from your initial post btw. we've had couple of people on holiday :) )

Hi Eliza!

Nice boat! I'm not exactly sure I understand your issue there. Are you talking about visibles seams or holes at the junction of your UV tiles when you use a heightmap?

Can you post a close up view of the issue or circle it in the image so we're sure we are looking at the right thing.


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