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Flat shade render, in case if you prefer cleaner version  ::)

With a bit of accident, all wrapped
thanks for viewing guys
don't forget to turn off your normal map after baking  ;)

I thought i-ray gave me noisier render, then realize i submitted with the body part normal map forgot to turn off, so its noisier than usual

any way to re-submit or adding new screenshots ?

Bit of rest first before the final stretch

Very nice, i love the color scheme and the detail is good. good luck !

Updating the body, adding detail soon after satisfied with the major heightmap

yes, substance's height painting is the way.
you can also stamp normal maps
what is prohibited is to sculpt high res character in other software, bake and use the normal to get the detail

you can use mask like asicson's suggest
another way is change the height layer blending, a bit of tricky though

Still working on the back of the head
and probably gonna change the shirt, still not satisfied

Exactly what i feel, the temptation to comeback to my common pipeline is huge, but resist to it, and it does exposed me new things i never realized possible with painter.

More people should have read the rules i just realized.
Some users post freely about their zbrush remodelling of faces and details and get crazy details out of it.
I do that every day at job.

Because of that i set myself a personal limit beside of what the allegorithmic team set.

I told myself to :

-stick to a handfull of base-shape alphas mostly out of the software and only handpainted highmaps
-only use downloaded stickers where necessary due to UV limitation (bad UVlayout)
-Photoshop only for editing masks created in SP,no Texture gen in PS,no Zbrush no Xnormal.

So far it was a very hard task with countless hours and a dinosaur layerstack,and i had to dig quit deep into SP to get it right.
But i guess that is exactly what the guys wanted us to do?

There's still something off about the base pedestal,

but for the character itself its adorable, great !

Achieve my idea but not satisfied with the head result,
will redo the head.

Is there any possible way to copy existing mask with clone tools ?
i want to copy the hand painted metal holder on top to the side

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