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I've only recently purchased Substance Designer and am just finding my way round it. I'm still very green! I'd like to import a texture I made outside of SD into SD to use in a substance I'm building, but I can't find out how to do it (searched the web etc.). Can anyone help please? Also, if it is possible are there any file type restrictions (.png/jpeg grayscale etc?).


I'm still fairly green myself, but from what I've managed to uncover so far, you need to use Substance Bitmap2Material(B2M) in order to make one ready for that.   As for restrictions, given the tutorials I've seen, there doesn't seem to be much of any, though I'm having a specific problem in how to actually use it...

So, I have this image that I'd like to use as a pattern for use in Substance Painter:

Given what I've managed to learn so far, I need to take it through B2M first, but the tutorials and videos I've seen so far have all been about how to take an image that's not quite designed to be a pattern and use it as a material. 

This image, however, is an image made for being a tiled pattern from inception.  I specifically want to use this as a pattern for use in Substance Designer.

Could someone please walk me through from the start-to-finish process that is required in order to do this, or point me to a reference for exactly that?  I seem to have trouble finding one...


So, My hard drive crashed.   I've re-installed most of my programs now, and somehow, the issue has been resolved. 

What the issue was, however, I'm not sure.  So for the record's sake, here are the most notable changes:

There are much fewer programs now, due to fresh install:  Possible conflict caused issue

May have been issues with the original Substance Install:  Reinstall and see.

(Most likely)  It's possible the tablet may have shipped with the wrong install software/drivers.  I downloaded them from Huion's site, and I've noticed the UI is different in a few subtle ways.:  Double check tablet drivers/software.

I had made sure that the driver was up to date, but it may have been I'd just been given the wrong driver.

This problem started appearing in 2018.1.1 (with the new GUI) and hasn't been fixed yet, so yes, it has been broken for 7 months now. Not sure what to say.

Thank you at least then for giving me an answer.   I now know that I won't be purchasing it, which is a REAL shame!  I've been looking forward to using this program, but to have such a FUNDAMENTAL issue with navigation after so long?  If you can't navigate the program, you can't work.   That should be a priority fix!

Does NOONE have anything to help? 

As I mentioned, this is a key navigation issue, and it's rendering the entire program inoperable.

I’m having an Issue with Middle Mouse Button assigned to stylus with Huion GT-191 not responding on the Substance painter trial, rendering the program almost unusable due to navigation errors/limitations.  Can anyone help me out here?

Any time I use the button that is assigned to the middle mouse button, it acts like I’m pressing the left mouse button.   Substance Painter is the only program that currently has the problem.

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